Zane Simon is an inspiring American poet and writes poetry for himself, and others his works include, Regret, Cats Of Piracy, and A Dead Man's Greed.

Finally, I’m at my last of days,
I feel like traversing deaths old maze

I see through the glass of an old telescope
At times like these, it helps me cope,
At times like these, it’s my head that’s hanging from a single rope

And I’m entangled in the struggling life that I’m trying to let go of, but yet it stays strong.
All I wish is to meet death as an old friend,
Why is that so wrong!
I lay there, Unable to move, my lungs gasping for air as I breathe my last breath,
Finally, O’ Finally, I meet the last of my time! I’ve been waiting for him to take my death.

I lay down my head and crack a smile
In the end, this life I lived was oh so vile
I see death at the end of my bed, waiting
I see him still as my vision starts fading.

And as the world turns cold
I see myself grow old, I see myself grow bold,
But this life I saw was but a fantasy,
My life was a short one of fallacy.
Ended by myself because of the pain I see.