The Cats Of Piracy

Zane Simon is an inspiring American poet and writes poetry for himself, and others his works include, Regret, Cats Of Piracy, and A Dead Man's Greed.

Cats go far in the bar of which they lack all morals
At night they fight through petty insults and age-old quarrels
They sleep in late with their best mate, drinking rum out of the barrels,
Yet having fun with the beats of the drum, bathing in bins with cups o’ jin and singing jolly ol’ carrols

Oh, oh ho, Far up in the bar
Never once but always twice we signing in the car
Never once but jins on par in the bar
We drinking in the bar
We drinking in the bar

With cats ahoy and more to ploy we sail to the shore
And when we finish singing it ain’t ever at a bore
We singing every day, we have more to say
And when we dock up in the bay
We all head to the bar today.