Steam Train

Mario William Vitale is a twentieth century poet. He has developed a style of free verse. Has written over one thousand poems.

Should you decide to stay in a hotel that is somewhat off the shelf,
Is quaint, a hundred years old but costs a reasonable amount of pelf,
The Steam Train Hotel is yer place in the town of Antonito, Colorado!
Guests have included my spouse and me and the occasional desperado!

There are few amenities and only eight rooms, all on the second floor.
'Tis a family operation and you are given a key to the hotel's entry door!
After they check you in, they head for home, available only by phone!
Baffled guests from thence are pretty much left to paddle on their own!

You enter a long, creepy hall and the floor creaks with each step taken!
(This was gonna be a thrillin' venture, of that there was no mistakin'!)
Antiques adorn each room and various geegaws are hangin' on the wall.
(I keep an eye peeled for fearsome ghosts and this casts a murky pall!)

U.S. Highway 265 passes right in front of the hotel addin' to my plight!
Convoys of infernal eighteen-wheelers keep me awake throughout the night!
There ain't no air conditionin' and it is hotter than you know where!
How I yearned for mornin' and salvation from my miserable despair!

The sun shone through the window revealin' a beautiful October morn!
We later boarded the Rio Grande steamer to begin our railway bourne!
Peerin' back at the hotel I thought it might've been haunted by spooky hosts,
But I reckon that it is probably too hot and noisy for even finicky ghosts!