A Message Of Love

Mario William Vitale is a twentieth century poet. He has developed a style of free verse. Has written over one thousand poems.

Love is like a plant that grows into a lovely
flower from the sunshine of a smile, a tender
touch or an unspoken word, and is given water
and nourished by the tears of joy and sorrow

Love is the sharing of life with all its hopes and dreams,
joys and heartaches, successes and failures
Love is trust and faith and confidence, and the beating
of hearts together as one. It is knowing that no matter

what the obstacles, they can be surmounted
Love is resisting the temptation to run from the
disappointments, it is being able to overcome
the fear of loving and being loved

Love is standing tall for beliefs and ideals with grace and dignity
It is being able to overlook the shortcomings of the ones who are loved...
No one is perfect

Love is God's most precious gift and there
are no forces strong enough to destroy this
Love that he so freely gives

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