All You Critics Suck


All You Critics Suck

excuse me what did you fart
 you always got something to bitch about
 nothing is every good enough for you
 you have bitten off far more then you could chew

 still your not perfect son neither am I
 you got sweat so much where pigs do fly
 Critics suck I mean who are they
 I'll stay humble enough to bow the knee to pray

 I believe that God is the ever constant amidst all your inconsistencies
 I'm holding my own with my hand on the phone
 theses Satanic demons choose to never leave me alone
 we are at war why you kicking it with a two bit whore

 Critics can kiss my ass
 they ain't getting by on any free pass
 they come to kill, steal & destroy just like there homeboy Satan
 I'm choose to cook up something light by frying it in bacon

 you best be leaving on a long awaited vacation
 they will never help you cause they can't even help themselves
 perhaps its best I put that book right there on the shelf
 there a spitting image of a Keebler elf

 See bruh positive reinforcement is good for the heart
 Critics you know there jealous you see
 there the type of people that watch as you go pee
 nothing good about critics you see

 I'll take my chances & make sweet history

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