God Breaks the Chains (Sestina Poetry)

Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, Silver Birch Press, HerEthics Books, and some others published the poems of Marieta Maglas in anthologies like Tanka Journal , Three Line Poetry #25, Three Line Poetry #39 edited by Glenn Lyvers, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry edited by Yossi Fay…

Alas, when nothing ever goes my way
I try to keep my goals within my sight.
I hope that they can lead to joy someday,
While overpass this metaphoric night.
Among those crazy things leading to doom,
I am quite melancholic in the gloom.

My life may be infected with the gloom,
When darkness spreads its wicked wings on the way.
In waiting for the approach of next doom,
I am the girl in search for nature's sight.
When jagged rocks pinch and stick me overnight,
I search that something lifting me someday.

My faith grows stronger, and I hope someday
That winds of change will enlighten the gloom.
Faith, love, and truth will be like stars at night,
Life will be as bright as the Milky Way,
As long as rightness will be brought to sight,
And lie will be a sticky bomb of doom.

I utter an impending sense of doom
Like poison killing everything someday
Or wet flowers shaking at the wind's sight.
We end with hope, and we begin in gloom,
While we're changing our lives along the way.
We're making sense of all from day to night.

As fears are left unspoken in the night,
We feel this ending as the latest doom.
Sad minds still try to find a living way,
Hoping that they will save themselves someday.
They make important changes in the gloom.
Religious leaders teach Christian sight,

When wisdom is the synonym of sight,
And blind guides are to lead the blinds at night.
Some begin with the hope to end in gloom,
Between those sinful acts leading to doom,
Praying to God to save their souls someday.
Against all odds, they try to find their way.

At Siloam, the blind received his sight.
In working faith, the blind could leave his night
God breaks the chains, we need to leave the gloom.

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