Silent Ashes

Mario William Vitale is a twentieth century poet. He has developed a style of free verse. Has written over one thousand poems.

Silent Ashes

a swell in my heart
 eyes, ears & heart
 within silent pain lights the flame of deeper desire
 you unlocked a dream to unfold

 She dances on a ring of fire
 Yet throws off its challenge with a shrug
 how great a poet knows
 let the truth be told onto a newer episode

 Torn illumination
 Cascading briars taunt the inner radiance inside
 Satanic demons in the wine you had for supper
 Alone in a fever pitched aside

 We all seek to run away & hide
 from the path of least resistance
 join the hands & join the resistance
 we are living on borrowed time

 A challenge to be free is a question of time !