Self Indulgence

Mario William Vitale is a twentieth century poet. He has developed a style of free verse. Has written over one thousand poems.

A stranger came to me one day, in a precarious way
 What he wanted of me, well, it's kind of hard to say
 He talked and I listened attentively with mind
 He spoke as though he knew me;

 as though his message a sign
 So, I dismissed with my inhibitions and began to relax
 He came, not to get me, it was simply a task
 He criticized past endeavors and warned of future plans

 He said that my destination is to face life's tribulations,
 and my task is to endure and withstand
 He talked of universal existence and my existence he made plain
 He insisted that I make my life objective and survival my aim

 He talked of time to come, of things yet to be perceived
 He cautioned of life's extremities and his cautions I heeded.
 He talked of dexterity and the riches of youth
 He inforced in me vast potentials and instilled in me mass truths

 He bestowed upon me answers,
 answers men have never found
 Neither from their pages blessed and bound
 He said within me the key to reality was conceived

 And locked doors I could unlock
 if in my self I would believe
 He proclaimed in himself all things I confide
 And promised, through life's obstacles, to serve as my guide

 I had a feeling I knew this stranger and that he was a fathomless part of me...
 The part I vaguely listen to and could never see
 I asked, "If in life you are needed in what domains do you reside ?"

 For a moment he looked startled then he said, "Your inner side".
 Then it dawned on me suddenly from where this stranger had come.
 Before he departed he wished me well.

 And said with knowledge as my ammunition I could never fail
 In accomplishing my goals and succeeding in life
 Then he sharply retorted, "But you must take my advice."
 I was vigilant and informed after that stranger had left

 Because I allowed myself the pleasure of indulging in my self.