The Best Is Yet To Come

Mario William Vitale is a twentieth century poet. He has developed a style of free verse. Has written over one thousand poems.

A shadow brightens the unusual vortex
 it's in the wanting that's the hardest part
 I treasured a red rose that was plucked a time ago
 living on the edge and it's going to my head

 Sitting up at night all alone in bed
 following the rainbow to the sky
 I see a crystal clear vision of you pass me by
 Through the duration of time I sought a dream

 Hearts pulsating within a lovely swing
 a song recapture's the timeless moments of are youth
 To be young again within the open field's
 A song of hope when you can't even cope

 Having a fight with the soap on the rope
 Can't even think to dismiss this earthly bliss
 in a time well spent in thought
 faces, shoes, lunch bag

 Today let's pray for a new awakening to unfold
 where family and friend's can come together
 No matter the duration of the weather
 It's time to treasure those snap shot moments of the past

 Having so much fun with a hope that it would last
 a heart is an opened door just waiting to be explored
 We have come to far not to turn back now
 With heads in are street that proclaim lust for love

 pushing, shoving, silence & apathy
 to treasure the moments in your heart
 This should like the spark that ignited the flame to what I'm waiting for
 a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need