A Wish Now On Loan

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Making love to your memory,
  I watched her walk past

Blonde, eighteen and tan,
  and this decade my last

A memory comes back,
  as new feelings release

Of a field in September,
  when our hearts were at peace

And I thought of you fondly,
  as I watched her go by

I held the thought warmly,
  and tried not to cry

Turning my head now to follow,
  she passed to my left

My joint pain now hollow,
  old passions bereft

But this memory won’t leave me,
  as that summer you did

These thoughts now my own,
  where you once did forbid

And as she steps through the doorway,
  a fantasy unknown

I make love to her memory,
—with a wish now on loan

(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)

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