The Ballad Of Saint Canice

An Irish poet now living in Derry City but originally from Limavady in County Derry in the north of the Island.

In the Irish valley of the Roe
Saint Canice was born and in
Time served Our Lord Jesus
As a person spiritually reborn.

Sowing seed in the hearts
Of many of the western Gael
Converting many to Christ
With no concept of 'fail'.

And through myth and history
His deeds still live on through-
Out the land of the Celts and
Indeed far beyond...

For Our Creator prepared his
Heart for his spiritual Dove-
Therefore forever ensuring
Service to our God who is love.

And throughout the Roe vale
With our Saint everyday there
Are those who commune
In the most spiritual way.

So we thank you, Saint Canice,
For your response to Our Lord
For bringing many followers
To the eternal bard who is God.