Did you notice the lord today?

American Independent writer who likes writing in her free time .

Have you wondered, who or where is God?
is he the homeless man living the street?
Did you notice him or even bother to give him something to eat ?
He could of been somebody just like you or me!
Did you even think He could have been the blind man trying to cross the street?
Did you even bother to help him in the time of need?
What about the lonely girl, crying, or the man who is sick and scared of dying?
Did you even prayed , or even try to help them?
What about the abused Little boy or girl?
Did you even pay attention , or did you go about your world ?
What about the poor man family who is in need of a helping hand or shoe?
You know God could of been watching you!
Have you ever wonder who or where is God?
Just pause a minute and listen-
He sitting right next to you.
once you pray and read the bible you’ll really get to know him.
The lord will be please because you finally notice him.
The Lords been trying to get your attention.
Just listen to the lords question:
Are you going to notice him today, or are you going to go your separate way ?

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