Monochromatic Wonder

I have been writing poetry, short stories and articles of interest for over thirty years. Most of my writing has been published in small presses, journals and weekly community newspapers. It is enjoyable to receive positive feedback on my writing. Before retirement, I was an editor and co-publis…

Winter's white blanket is scattered
throughout the forest, securing its
inhabitants with specter-like cover.

The red fox is white chasing its prey
whose pounding heart disturbs
the stillness of the frosted scene.

Delicate patterns of snowflakes proudly
crown the matriarchs of the dell,
encouraging their icy haughtiness as they
tower over their domain.

Within this monochromatic wonder,
arrives an early visitor, a lonely red robin,
which reminds the denizens that spring,
and its palette of colors will soon
replace winter's sheets of white.