I am a moody anti-social introvert. Meaning: I Trust No One. My best friend is myself. My companion ~ my dog. I write because I must. It is my life line. My Beacon in a world cloaked in darkness, steadfast upon destruction, blinded by their own selfish needs...I write because, I must, to maintain…

A rat roams ravaging for rations
seeks shelter simmering
from a summers storm
amongst brush
bruised and blushed
he fuss and frets
until the rain lets
then scurries scuttle
and skittles away
into the darken day
daintily dazed
he manage his way
through a mouse[y] maze
and into a house
through a crack he creeps
cleverly concealed
until a meal he seeks
then out in the open
he silently streaks
towards a prize of cheese he see's
just sitting atop a wooden plate waiting
to be seized
he rushes races radically
finally at hand
and upon reaching
the threshold of
his life ends
with a loud bang
without regret
for rats you see
it's all about