Here Is To Another Service Year!

EMTSBA III is a man who has 9 lives and lives like a cat; for three he fights, for three he laughs, for three he writes! He has the writing reflex, or so they say. His early formative years spent travelling different countries, living in a multilingual household and growing up among a dozen of ot…

Here's to another service year!

Where they start on the first day, the first week and the first month.
Yet still, they don't stop on the last day, the last week nor the last month.

The joy, the commitment and the zeal ever so without fear.
The clock resets to another round of 840 hours just like yesteryear.

Here's to another service year! Yeah!!!

Sacrifice, returns - Bible studies, the blessing is evident.
Shoulder by shoulder they shoulder Jesus' assignment,
as exemplary publishers publishing Jehovah's government.

Though not being the first to start, still known as pioneers.
'Cause every September they start a service year anew.
When all's said and done, refresh as new,
knowing the job ain't done, their vows they renew.
'Til the end comes where all things be made new!
Blessings on blessings, Here's to another service year! Yeah!!!"

(Written on September 1, 2015. Dedicated to all pioneers and full time servants of Jehovah God.)