No Candy This Year

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The eggs had been colored,
and all scattered about

The baskets were hidden,
as the children now shout…

“Was he here mom, was he here?"
they yell from upstairs

“Come down and find out,”
she says with nary a care

Their little feet rush down,
taking two steps at once

As wide eyes dart all over,
now playing their hunch

Through the living and dining rooms
they tear with a fever

And no corner is safe,
from the incursion of either

“I found it, I found it,"
the bigger one said

As the smaller one stood saddened,
--- a heart filled with dread

“I guess the Bunny forgot,
and there's no candy this year”

And from across the big room,
you could see the start of a tear

“The Bunny never forgets,”
their mother cried out

"You have to look harder,
both inside and out”

And as the front door was opened,
the little one chimed...

“Mom, he didn’t forget,
--- it was outside all the time”

(From my new Children's Book dedicated to my Grandchildren)