Moonlight Sonata

Abinash Parajuli is a Nepali poet, novelist, music critic and a journalist. Currently, he's acting a CEO/Executive Editor at MuzBuzz Monthly Magazine.

Moonlight Sonata that plays in the thunder
I think I am so unreal, I was true I guess
I think I was the worse but you shaded my thought
Symphony is so unreal, under my demise just smile

Roots hold the tree,
Branches keep it firm
Use your illusion to see it the other side
Other hill is green, other mountain is white

I, hated by time, need no reason
Loved by tide is so happy that I can’t laugh
Can’t pretend to smile can’t pretend to be happy
The more I pretend the more I am sad

Just think it the way you are happy
If you are happy, think I’m smiling
If you can then be it
I would be it someday