Indian Politics

Politics is a dirty game
It helps people to get easy fame
Politics in India has become a source
Of quickly earning money, and exerting a force

Thanks to politicians, India has become such a place
Where problems and discriminations are what majorities face
 Conditions are such that the majorities
Are forced to lead a life worse than the minorities

Secularism has become a synonym for fanaticism
No scope is left here for humanism
Subsidies are provided on the basis of religion
Arrest is prohibited for people of certain religion

Political Parties play Muslim card to strengthen their vote bank
On the basis of caste, people are promoted to higher rank
Party or person who works for betterment of majority
Is deemed as fanatic by so-called saviours of minority

Indian politicians have become so corrupt and mean
That it seems politics can never be clear and clean
Some young, honest persons should be introduced
So that the dirt of politics is reduced.