German Song.

Music — Krëusser.

'Thou poor blind girl
Why clings't thou thus to me,
Is yonder battle field
A fitting place for thee?
Gentlest of beings fly
Hearest thou not the cannons roar?
Leave me to destiny
Gertrude I can no more!'
'Can the soft gale
Of spring when first it blows,
Or the richest perfume
Of violet or rose,
To thy sad Gertrude yield,
Delight when thou'rt afar?
Shun love the battle field —
Tempt not the war'.
'Gertrude, my latest kiss
Rests on thy forehead fair,
While from the pale, pale cheek
I part thy radiant hair;
Yes! next my heart
I place this shining curl,
For we must part —
Farewell my poor blind girl.'
'Warrior farewell!
Blessings thy steps attend,
I have but prayers to give
To thee my only friend;
Deprived of Heaven's own light
Thy presence was a ray
That made my darkness bright
As summer's gorgeous day.'