The Stranger's Song

Thomas Hardy, was a Scottish Minister, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and Professor of Eccesiastical History at Edinburgh University.

(As sung by Mr. Charles Charrington in the play of "The Three Wayfarers")

  O MY trade it is the rarest one,
  Simple shepherds all--
  My trade is a sight to see;
  For my customers I tie, and take 'em up on high,
  And waft 'em to a far countree!

  My tools are but common ones,
  Simple shepherds all--
  My tools are no sight to see:
  A little hempen string, and a post whereon to swing,
  Are implements enough for me!

  To-morrow is my working day,
  Simple shepherds all--
  To-morrow is a working day for me:
  For the farmer's sheep is slain, and the lad who did it ta'en,
  And on his soul may God ha' mer-cy!