Behind the Hill

James Stephens was an Irish Republican and the founding member of an originally unnamed revolutionary organisation in Dublin on 17 March 1858, later to become known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood, also referred to as the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood by contemporaries.

Behind the hill I met a man in green
  Who asked me if my mother had gone out?
I said she had. He asked me had I seen
  His castle where the people sing and shout
From dawn to dark, and told me that he had
  A crock of gold inside a hollow tree,
And I could have it.—I wanted money bad
  To buy a sword with, and I thought that he
Would keep his solemn word; so, off we went.
  He said he had a pound hid in the crock,
And owned the castle too, and paid no rent
  To any one, and that you had to knock
Five hundred times. I asked, 'Who reckoned up?'
  And he said, 'You insulting little pup!'