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Robert Crawford FRSE FBA is a Scottish poet, scholar and critic. He is currently Professor of English at the University of St Andrews.

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Famous poems by Robert Crawford:

An Aspiration.Rate it:
Antony's Friend.Rate it:
At The Back Of The Brain.Rate it:
Love's Mesmerism.Rate it:
Love's Messengers.Rate it:
Mutation.Rate it:
The Lyric Rose.Rate it:
Ever And Only.Rate it:
Song #8.Rate it:
The Charm.Rate it:
To Lynette.Rate it:
A Mother's Loss.Rate it:
A River Isle.Rate it:
Bottom's Dream.Rate it:
A Memory.Rate it:
Cheery Old Age.Rate it:
Quiet Joy.Rate it:
A Bridal Song.Rate it:
A Father's Fear.Rate it:
A Night In Babylon.Rate it:
A Song Of The Sea.Rate it:
Achievement.Rate it:
At CamelotRate it:
At Juliet's Tomb.Rate it:
At Love's Beginning.Rate it:
At The Last.Rate it:
Autumn.Rate it:
Barbarians.Rate it:
Beauty, Its Effect.Rate it:
Beauty.Rate it:
Before Actium.Rate it:
Before Execution.Rate it:
Bereavement.Rate it:
Bigotry.Rate it:
Birth And Death.Rate it:
Business And Pleasure.Rate it:
Butterfly.Rate it:
By The Sea.Rate it:
Charon.Rate it:
Christian Burial.Rate it:
Cleopatra.Rate it:
Counsel In Sorrow.Rate it:
Death.Rate it:
Death.Rate it:
Death.Rate it:
Deliberation.Rate it:
Dies Irae.Rate it:
Dream-DeathRate it:
Early Summer.Rate it:
Earth Rune.Rate it:
Echo.Rate it:
Egoism.Rate it:
Entranced.Rate it:
Evening.Rate it:
Experience.Rate it:
Falling Stars.Rate it:
Fate.Rate it:
Father And Lover.Rate it:
For LillianRate it:
For love I, too, could die (she said) nor fear it,Rate it:
Ghosts.Rate it:
God's Rest.Rate it:
Gold.Rate it:
Good And Evil.Rate it:
Haikai.Rate it:
Half-Views.Rate it:
Healthy Labour.Rate it:
Her Face.Rate it:
Her Glass.Rate it:
Her Grave.Rate it:
Homo SumRate it:
Honey-Suckles.Rate it:
Impetuosity.Rate it:
In Egypt.Rate it:
In Nineveh.Rate it:
In The Grass.Rate it:
In Verona.Rate it:
In Verona.Rate it:
Insect.Rate it:
Inspiration.Rate it:
Isolation.Rate it:
Jove.Rate it:
Lethe.Rate it:
Life And Death.Rate it:
Life's Eden.Rate it:
Life's Offices.Rate it:
Life, A Language.Rate it:
Linnet-Like.Rate it:
Loss.Rate it:
Love #1.Rate it:
Love #2.Rate it:
Love #3.Rate it:
Love In Hades.Rate it:
Love Litanies.Rate it:
Love's Bower.Rate it:
Love's Own.Rate it:
Love's Reveller.Rate it:
Love's Vision.Rate it:
Madrigal #1.Rate it:
Madrigal #2.Rate it:
Madrigal.Rate it:
Maiden Lips.Rate it:
Maiden's Heart.Rate it:
Marriage Morn.Rate it:
Men And Women.Rate it:
Mind.Rate it:
Morality.Rate it:
Mors Dei.Rate it:
Natural Gifts.Rate it:
Natural Magic.Rate it:
Night-Bound.Rate it:
Night.Rate it:
Noonday Hills.Rate it:
Of Woman's Love.Rate it:
Old-Fashioned Child.Rate it:
On Marriage.Rate it:
On Olympus.Rate it:
Opportunity.Rate it:
Patriotism.Rate it:
Poet And Priest.Rate it:
Poetic Emotion.Rate it:
Post Mortem.Rate it:
Proem.Rate it:
Quatrain.Rate it:
Queen And Clown.Rate it:
Religion.Rate it:
Rondel.Rate it:
Sea-Weeds.Rate it:
Self-Harmony.Rate it:
Shakespeare?Rate it:
Sleep And Death.Rate it:
Sleep Compared To The Sea.Rate it:
SongRate it:
Song #10.Rate it:
Song #11.Rate it:
Song #12.Rate it:
Song #14.Rate it:
Song #2.Rate it:
Song #3.Rate it:
Song #4.Rate it:
Song #5.Rate it:
Song #6.Rate it:
Song #7.Rate it:
Song #9.Rate it:
Spirit Fear.Rate it:
Spiritual Education.Rate it:
Spring.Rate it:
Summer Dawn.Rate it:
Supernatural Discernment.Rate it:
The Blind Reader.Rate it:
The Bond.Rate it:
The Bride.Rate it:
The Bush Aboon TraquairRate it:
The Chase.Rate it:
The Comic Preacher.Rate it:
The Finer Spirit.Rate it:
The Flower.Rate it:
The Fruit Of Love's Desire.Rate it:
The Ghost Ship.Rate it:
The Gleaners.Rate it:
The Glove Of The Live Lady.Rate it:
The Hamadryad.Rate it:
The Hill.Rate it:
The Isles Of Sleep.Rate it:
The Joy Of Life.Rate it:
The Old Gods.Rate it:
The Old Unrest.Rate it:
The Orator.Rate it:
The Passion Of Love's Power.Rate it:
The Poem.Rate it:
The Poet's Hope.Rate it:
The Poet's Songs.Rate it:
The Re-Awakening.Rate it:
The Recuperative Power Of Youth.Rate it:
The Retreat.Rate it:
The Rustic Life.Rate it:
The Sea Of Time.Rate it:
The Song-God.Rate it:
The Storm.Rate it:
The Stream.Rate it:
The Sundowner.Rate it:
The Unborn.Rate it:
The Wind O' Death.Rate it:
Theory And Practice.Rate it:
This Life.Rate it:
Thought's Assiduity.Rate it:
Thought's Austerity.Rate it:
Thought's Garden.Rate it:
Thought.Rate it:
Three In A Shade.Rate it:
Threnody.Rate it:
To A Baby.Rate it:
Toward the CloseRate it:
True Love.Rate it:
Truth.Rate it:
Urania's Lover.Rate it:
Winged WordsRate it:
Wisdom.Rate it:
Womanhood.Rate it:
Women.Rate it:
Work.Rate it:
Youth And Age.Rate it:
Youth's Inexperience.Rate it:

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