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Eugene Field, Sr. was an American writer, best known for his children's poetry and humorous essays.

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Famous poems by Eugene Field:

Fisherman jim's kidsRate it:
Jest 'fore christmasRate it:
Little Boy BlueRate it:
Pittypat and TippytoeRate it:
The duelRate it:
The rock-a-by ladyRate it:
The three tailorsRate it:
Wynken, Blynken, and NodRate it:
Soldier, Maiden, and FlowerRate it:
To John J. Knickerbocker, Jr.Rate it:
The night windRate it:
To ChloeRate it:
A Chaucerian Paraphrase of HoraceRate it:
A Democratic HymnRate it:
A Dream Of SunshineRate it:
A drinking songRate it:
A Fickle WomanRate it:
A heine love songRate it:
A LullabyRate it:
A paraphraseRate it:
A Paraphrase Of HeineRate it:
A Paraphrase, By ChaucerRate it:
A Paraphrase, By Dr. I.W.Rate it:
A Paraphrase, Circa 1715Rate it:
A piteous plaintRate it:
A proper trewe idyll of camelotRate it:
A rhine-land drinking songRate it:
A Roman Winter-PieceRate it:
A Spring Poem From BionRate it:
A spring poem from bionRate it:
A Tardy ApologyRate it:
A ValentineRate it:
A Valentine To My WifeRate it:
Abu midjanRate it:
After Reading Trollope's History Of FlorenceRate it:
Ailsie, My BairnRate it:
Alaskan BalladryRate it:
Alaskan Balladry, No.1Rate it:
An Autumn Treasure-TroveRate it:
An Eclogue From VirgilRate it:
An Invitation To MaecenasRate it:
An Ode To FortuneRate it:
Apple-Pie and CheeseRate it:
Armenian Folk-Song--The PartridgeRate it:
Armenian Folk-Song--The StorkRate it:
Armenian LullabyRate it:
Ashes on the SlideRate it:
At CheyenneRate it:
At playRate it:
At the doorRate it:
Ballad of the Jelly-CakeRate it:
Ballad of women i loveRate it:
Bambino (Corsican Lullaby)Rate it:
Be My SweetheartRate it:
Beard And BabyRate it:
Ben apfelgartenRate it:
Beranger'sRate it:
BÉranger's "broken fiddle"Rate it:
Beranger's My Last Song Perhaps (January 1814)Rate it:
Bethlehem-TownRate it:
BoccaccioRate it:
By my sweetheartRate it:
Casey's Table D'HoteRate it:
Chicago WeatherRate it:
Child and motherRate it:
Christmas EveRate it:
Christmas Eve 1914Rate it:
Christmas HymnRate it:
Christmas MorningRate it:
Christmas treasuresRate it:
Chrystmasse of OldeRate it:
Clare MarketRate it:
Cobbler and StorkRate it:
ConsistencyRate it:
ContentmentRate it:
Cornish LullabyRate it:
De AmicitiisRate it:
Dead RosesRate it:
Dear Old LondonRate it:
Der mann im kellerRate it:
Dibdin's GhostRate it:
Doctor RabelaisRate it:
Dr. samRate it:
Dutch lullabyRate it:
Echoes from the Sabine FarmRate it:
EdRate it:
EnvoyRate it:
EpilogueRate it:
Fame _vs._ RichesRate it:
Father's LetterRate it:
Fiddle-Dee-DeeRate it:
Francois VillonRate it:
Ganderfeather's GiftRate it:
Garden and cradleRate it:
Gold and Love for DearieRate it:
Good-Bye--God Bless You!Rate it:
Good-Children StreetRate it:
Googly-go0Rate it:
GuessRate it:
Heine's "Widow or Daughter?"Rate it:
Hi-spyRate it:
Horace and Lydia ReconciledRate it:
Horace I, 22.Rate it:
Horace I, 31.Rate it:
Horace I, 4.Rate it:
Horace II, 13.Rate it:
Horace II, 3.Rate it:
Horace iii. 13Rate it:
Horace To His LuteRate it:
Horace To MaecenasRate it:
Horace to MelpomeneRate it:
Horace to phyllisRate it:
Horace to PyrrhaRate it:
Horatian Lyrics Odes I, 11.Rate it:
Horatian Lyrics Odes I, 23.Rate it:
How Salty Win OutRate it:
Hugo's "flower to butterfly"Rate it:
Hugo's "pool in the forest"Rate it:
HymnRate it:
In flandersRate it:
In New OrleansRate it:
In Praise Of ContentmentRate it:
In The FirelightRate it:
In The SpringtimeRate it:
Inscription for my little son's silver plateRate it:
It Is The Printer's FaultRate it:
Japanese lullabyRate it:
JennieRate it:
JessieRate it:
Jewish LullabyRate it:
John SmithRate it:
Kissing timeRate it:
KrinkenRate it:
Lady button-eyesRate it:
Let Us Have PeaceRate it:
Little all-aloneyRate it:
Little croodlin dooRate it:
Little MackRate it:
Little miss bragRate it:
Little WillieRate it:
Little-oh dearRate it:
Long agoRate it:
Long MeterRate it:
Love song--heineRate it:
Lullaby; by the SeaRate it:
Lydia DickRate it:
Lyman, frederick, and jimRate it:
Madge: Ye HoydenRate it:
Marcus VarroRate it:
Marthy's younkitRate it:
Mary smithRate it:
Mediaeval eventide songRate it:
MortalityRate it:
Mother and childRate it:
Mother and sphinxRate it:
Mr. Dana, of the New York SunRate it:
My GardenRate it:
My playmatesRate it:
Mysterious doingsRate it:
New-Year's EveRate it:
Nightfall in DordrechtRate it:
Norse lullabyRate it:
Old Dutch Love SongRate it:
Old English LullabyRate it:
Old Spanish SongRate it:
Orkney LullabyRate it:
Our biggest fishRate it:
Our Lady of the MineRate it:
Our Two OpinionsRate it:
Over the hills and far awayRate it:
Pan livethRate it:
Picnic-timeRate it:
Plaint Of The Missouri 'Coon In The Berlin Zoological GardensRate it:
Prof. vere de blawRate it:
Quitting AgainRate it:
Sailor And ShadeRate it:
Seein' thingsRate it:
Shuffle-Shoon and Amber-LocksRate it:
Sicilian LullabyRate it:
Sister's cakeRate it:
So, so, rock-a-by so!Rate it:
Some timeRate it:
Star of the eastRate it:
Stoves and sunshineRate it:
Summer HeatRate it:
SupposeRate it:
Swing high and swing lowRate it:
The "happy isles" of horaceRate it:
The Ballad Of The Taylor PupRate it:
The Bench-Legged FyceRate it:
The Bibliomaniac's BrideRate it:
The Bibliomaniac's PrayerRate it:
The Bibliomaniac's'S PrayerRate it:
The Blue And GrayRate it:
The Bottle And The BirdRate it:
The bottle treeRate it:
The bow-leg boyRate it:
The Broken RingRate it:
The brookRate it:
The Convalescent GripsterRate it:
The ConversazzhonyRate it:
The cunnin' little thingRate it:
The dead babeRate it:
The Death of Robin HoodRate it:
The delectable ballad of the waller lotRate it:
The Dinkey BirdRate it:
The discreet collectorRate it:
The Divine LullabyRate it:
The doll's wooingRate it:
The dream-shipRate it:
The dreamsRate it:
The DrumRate it:
The Dying YearRate it:
The fly-away horseRate it:
The Great Journalist In SpainRate it:
The happy householdRate it:
The Happy IslesRate it:
The humming topRate it:
The jaffa and jerusalem railwayRate it:
The limitations of youthRate it:
The Little PeachRate it:
The Lyttel BoyRate it:
The Old HomesteadRate it:
The Perpetual WooingRate it:
The peter-birdRate it:
The Poet's MetamorphosisRate it:
The Preference DeclaredRate it:
The ReconciliationRate it:
The ride to bumpvilleRate it:
The shut-eye trainRate it:
The singing in god's acreRate it:
The Sleeping ChildRate it:
The song of luddy-dudRate it:
The stoddardsRate it:
The storkRate it:
The straw parlorRate it:
The Sugar-Plum TreeRate it:
The Three Kings Of CologneRate it:
The Tin BankRate it:
The Truth About hHoraceRate it:
The Twenty-Third PsalmRate it:
The Two CoffinsRate it:
The two little skeezucksRate it:
The Vision Of The Holy GrailRate it:
The wandererRate it:
The windRate it:
The wooing of the southlandRate it:
Thirty-nineRate it:
To A BullyRate it:
To A Jar Of WineRate it:
To a soubretteRate it:
To a UsurperRate it:
To Albius TibullusRate it:
To Aristius FuscusRate it:
To cinnaRate it:
To De Witt MillerRate it:
To emma abbottRate it:
To His LuteRate it:
To LeuconoeeRate it:
To LigurinusRate it:
To LydiaRate it:
To M.L. Gray,Rate it:
To MaecenasRate it:
To Mary Field FrenchRate it:
To Mother VenusRate it:
To Pompeius VarusRate it:
To Quintus DelliusRate it:
To Quintus HirpinusRate it:
To Robin GoodfellowRate it:
To The Fountain Of BandusiaRate it:
To VenusRate it:
Twin idolsRate it:
Two Idylls From Bion The SmyrneanRate it:
Two ValentinesRate it:
Two valentinesRate it:
Uhland'sRate it:
Uhland'sRate it:
Uhland's White StagRate it:
When i was a boyRate it:
When The Poet CameRate it:
Wine, Women, And SongRate it:
WinfredaRate it:
With brutus in st. joRate it:
With Trumpet and DrumRate it:
With two spoons for two spoonsRate it:
YvytotRate it:

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