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Longtime writer with twelve books in publication. Three of them Poetry. : The Death Of The Playground : The Sword Of Ichiban : Searching For Crazy Horse : Darkening Sun : An Anthology Of Perception-Vol's 1 & 2 : After Midnight : Sammy And Bumpers : The Fall City Mandate : Revenge Along The War Trail : Death from The Sky

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Famous poems by Kurt Philip Behm 3,139 total

"I Baptize Thee..." 171 ViewsRate it:
"No Man Is An Island" 78 ViewsRate it:
$$$$$ 85 ViewsRate it:
$$$$$$ 88 ViewsRate it:
'GOODBYE' 247 ViewsRate it:
'Sit Divinum' 193 ViewsRate it:
------------------------ 8 ViewsRate it:
...Is Love 16 ViewsRate it:
...Or Not To Be 11 ViewsRate it:
1 + 1 = 1 79 ViewsRate it:
101 — 401 43 ViewsRate it:
101-401 201 ViewsRate it:
1972 'Nittany Mountain' Ladies Choice 134 ViewsRate it:
2008-2016 69 ViewsRate it:
22 Catch 4 ViewsRate it:
4 Words 113 ViewsRate it:
4-Poster Rhyme 51 ViewsRate it:
99.9 9 ViewsRate it:
A = C 268 ViewsRate it:
A Baby Born 29 ViewsRate it:
A Baby Cries 20 ViewsRate it:
A Beggar's Song 3 ViewsRate it:
A Blind Eye 131 ViewsRate it:
A Blue Dawn 9 ViewsRate it:
A Brotherhood To Share 47 ViewsRate it:
A Buffet Of Hate 26 ViewsRate it:
A Captive Domain 9 ViewsRate it:
A Certain Death 128 ViewsRate it:
A Changing Stew 105 ViewsRate it:
A Charlatan Of Verse 4 ViewsRate it:
A Choice 21 ViewsRate it:
A Choice Never Made 12 ViewsRate it:
A Community Of Friends 79 ViewsRate it:
A Conflict Sure 34 ViewsRate it:
A Cowboy Never... 34 ViewsRate it:
A Crest Ablaze 393 ViewsRate it:
A Day You'll Treasure 18 ViewsRate it:
A Deaf Ear 34 ViewsRate it:
A Demon That Hides 3 ViewsRate it:
A Devil's Hell 15 ViewsRate it:
A Different Whole 146 ViewsRate it:
A Distant Cry 14 ViewsRate it:
A Doorless Mystery 14 ViewsRate it:
A Fait Accompli 126 ViewsRate it:
A Falling Tide 93 ViewsRate it:
A False Bottom 8 ViewsRate it:
A False Infinity 75 ViewsRate it:
A Fate Worse 4 ViewsRate it:
A Final Goodbye 18 ViewsRate it:
A First Beginning 29 ViewsRate it:
A Footnote To Plato 9 ViewsRate it:
A Foretelling 9 ViewsRate it:
A Foretelling 11 ViewsRate it:
A Forever Bite 22 ViewsRate it:
A Forgotten Wish 20 ViewsRate it:
A Fresh Breath 22 ViewsRate it:
A Future Heaven Loaned 8 ViewsRate it:
A Garden Unspoiled 115 ViewsRate it:
A Gentle Wind 11 ViewsRate it:
A Gray Dawn 16 ViewsRate it:
A Haven Safe 114 ViewsRate it:
A Headstone Forever Blank 115 ViewsRate it:
A Heart Now Taken 61 ViewsRate it:
A Hell Upon Earth 345 ViewsRate it:
A High Flying Cloud 128 ViewsRate it:
A Hobo's Last Prayer 4 ViewsRate it:
A Hollowed Out Tree 407 ViewsRate it:
A Hurt So Good 6 ViewsRate it:
A Journey Sublime 142 ViewsRate it:
A Joy - A Curse 80 ViewsRate it:
A Joy To Be Treasured 60 ViewsRate it:
A Key 10 ViewsRate it:
A Kingdom For A Poem 8 ViewsRate it:
A Knight's Ransom 15 ViewsRate it:
A Ladder Appears 7 ViewsRate it:
A Lakota Mother's Prayer 46 ViewsRate it:
A Last Adieu 2 ViewsRate it:
A Legacy Of Fear 11 ViewsRate it:
A Legacy Recast 58 ViewsRate it:
A Legacy Was Planted 359 ViewsRate it:
A Lifetime Of Searching 74 ViewsRate it:
A Light Now Shines 98 ViewsRate it:
A Lion Chases 79 ViewsRate it:
A Lone Daffodil 274 ViewsRate it:
A Losing Game 17 ViewsRate it:
A Lyrical Sum 88 ViewsRate it:
A Marker Abandoned 25 ViewsRate it:
A Melody Of Sages 146 ViewsRate it:
A Melody So Right 11 ViewsRate it:
A Melody Unsung 132 ViewsRate it:
A Melody Unsung 15 ViewsRate it:
A Memory Unfound 80 ViewsRate it:
A Metaphor Of Poetics (+1) 8 ViewsRate it:
A Million Dead Blades 120 ViewsRate it:
A Mirror 52 ViewsRate it:
A Moment Reborn 10 ViewsRate it:
A Momentary Denial 90 ViewsRate it:
A Mutilated Oneness 59 ViewsRate it:
A New Ending 5 ViewsRate it:
A New Hand 20 ViewsRate it:
A New Moment 122 ViewsRate it:
A New Path 12 ViewsRate it:
A New Stone 65 ViewsRate it:
A Note To Time 16 ViewsRate it:
A Picture's Worth... 2 ViewsRate it:
A Poet's Gift 56 ViewsRate it:
A Present Now Unfelt 118 ViewsRate it:
A Promise Forgotten 14 ViewsRate it:
A Promise Wed 21 ViewsRate it:
A Quantitative Valet 10 ViewsRate it:
A Rebirth 8 ViewsRate it:
A Reckoning 5 ViewsRate it:
A Returning Tide 5 ViewsRate it:
A Riper Day 6 ViewsRate it:
A Robin Will Sing 19 ViewsRate it:
A Sacrilege 103 ViewsRate it:
A Singular Beauty 17 ViewsRate it:
A Singular Refrain 13 ViewsRate it:
A Siren's Call 17 ViewsRate it:
A Smoldering Refrain 35 ViewsRate it:
A Softer Rhyme 351 ViewsRate it:
A Spirit Pure 12 ViewsRate it:
A Suture 82 ViewsRate it:
A Sweetness 36 ViewsRate it:
A Terminal Unknown 301 ViewsRate it:
A Threatening Hand 19 ViewsRate it:
A Timeless Path 172 ViewsRate it:
A Tinge Of Lilac 11 ViewsRate it:
A Turkish Mother To The Kaiser (WW1) 7 ViewsRate it:
A Twisted Flow 109 ViewsRate it:
A Viking Crest Ablaze 213 ViewsRate it:
A Voice Deep Inside Me 375 ViewsRate it:
A Voice From Beyond 7 ViewsRate it:
A Voice Heaven Sent 7 ViewsRate it:
A Voice Now Gone 8 ViewsRate it:
A Voice On Loan 7 ViewsRate it:
A Voice Shouts Free 17 ViewsRate it:
A Vow To Myself 162 ViewsRate it:
A Wanton Barter 9 ViewsRate it:
A Warrior's Chant 129 ViewsRate it:
A Warrior's Chant 14 ViewsRate it:
A Warriors Tears 24 ViewsRate it:
A Waterfall Unheard 61 ViewsRate it:
A Waterfall Unheard 12 ViewsRate it:
A Welcoming Hymn 9 ViewsRate it:
A Whisper Then To Shout 69 ViewsRate it:
A Windless Sea 5 ViewsRate it:
A Wish Distilled 11 ViewsRate it:
A Wish Now On Loan 139 ViewsRate it:
A Wish Still On Loan 15 ViewsRate it:
A Wish Undeclared 23 ViewsRate it:
A Wish Unfulfilled 35 ViewsRate it:
A Write To the End 86 ViewsRate it:
A Writer 18 ViewsRate it:
Abandoned Tears 65 ViewsRate it:
Aberrant 96 ViewsRate it:
Ablution 50 ViewsRate it:
About Face 9 ViewsRate it:
About Us 21 ViewsRate it:
Above The Tree Line 9 ViewsRate it:
Absence Of Malice 12 ViewsRate it:
Absentia 15 ViewsRate it:
Absolution Within 14 ViewsRate it:
Academia's Lantern 11 ViewsRate it:
Account Cleared 2 ViewsRate it:
Acid Test 16 ViewsRate it:
Across And Through 10 ViewsRate it:
Adieu 123 ViewsRate it:
Adieu 7 ViewsRate it:
Adrift In the Wind 296 ViewsRate it:
Aesthetics Price 6 ViewsRate it:
Against The Wind 7 ViewsRate it:
Aging The Silence 8 ViewsRate it:
Ah Yue Shda 13 ViewsRate it:
Ahead, Nothing More 26 ViewsRate it:
Ain't That The Blues 321 ViewsRate it:
Airway To Heaven 9 ViewsRate it:
Albert's Folly 12 ViewsRate it:
Albert's Shadow 34 ViewsRate it:
All Emptiness Gone 44 ViewsRate it:
All Escape Disowned 24 ViewsRate it:
All Eternity Unknown 111 ViewsRate it:
All Faith Now Within 81 ViewsRate it:
All Heaven For An Ear 111 ViewsRate it:
All Heaven In Sight 97 ViewsRate it:
All I Ask 13 ViewsRate it:
All Kindled Lies Afire 113 ViewsRate it:
All Letters Gone 13 ViewsRate it:
All Meaning Compressed 22 ViewsRate it:
All Or Nothing 9 ViewsRate it:
All Pieces Again Whole 58 ViewsRate it:
All Princes In Their Rooks 105 ViewsRate it:
All Promise Gone 197 ViewsRate it:
All Roads End 7 ViewsRate it:
All Roads Lead...To Spinoza 13 ViewsRate it:
All Scepters Disowned 328 ViewsRate it:
All The King's Horses 15 ViewsRate it:
All The King's Horses 22 ViewsRate it:
All There Is 7 ViewsRate it:
All Time Is Now 133 ViewsRate it:
All Travelers Within 101 ViewsRate it:
All Verses Called Back 93 ViewsRate it:
All We Can Say 9 ViewsRate it:
All Within 24 ViewsRate it:
All Wonder Returned 133 ViewsRate it:
Alleyways Of Stone 17 ViewsRate it:
Almighty Silence 11 ViewsRate it:
Alone 13 ViewsRate it:
Alone Again 17 ViewsRate it:
Alone, In Search Of You 11 ViewsRate it:
Aloneliness 403 ViewsRate it:
Along The Path 7 ViewsRate it:
Altar Unknown 12 ViewsRate it:
Always & Forever 19 ViewsRate it:
Amendment 18 ViewsRate it:
America 14 ViewsRate it:
American Pie 90 ViewsRate it:
Ames — 1967 13 ViewsRate it:
An Angels Hymn 109 ViewsRate it:
An Artists Prayer 115 ViewsRate it:
An Echo Divine 84 ViewsRate it:
An Empty Reference 11 ViewsRate it:
An Ending That Rhymes 285 ViewsRate it:
An Ever Changing Tide 165 ViewsRate it:
An Ode To Teddy 105 ViewsRate it:
An Orphan's Silence 16 ViewsRate it:
An Ounce Of Hope 19 ViewsRate it:
Anchored And Whole 4 ViewsRate it:
Ancient Sins 8 ViewsRate it:
Ancient Voices 175 ViewsRate it:
And Be Gone 7 ViewsRate it:
And Nothing At All 194 ViewsRate it:
And She, My Breath Becomes 61 ViewsRate it:
And You Can Keep The Mule... 8 ViewsRate it:
And You, To Me 17 ViewsRate it:
And Your Eyes Close Again 85 ViewsRate it:
Angel Guardian 51 ViewsRate it:
Angel King 5 ViewsRate it:
Angelic Skies 111 ViewsRate it:
Angels To Sing 8 ViewsRate it:
Anonymity 202 ViewsRate it:
Another Chance 8 ViewsRate it:
Another Day 63 ViewsRate it:
Another Look 9 ViewsRate it:
Another Paradox 11 ViewsRate it:
Another Spring 74 ViewsRate it:
Another Time 6 ViewsRate it:
Another's Contraband 84 ViewsRate it:
Another's Wasted Dream 104 ViewsRate it:
Another's Wind To Blow 103 ViewsRate it:
Another's Wind To Blow 28 ViewsRate it:
Anticipation 25 ViewsRate it:
Antigone 7 ViewsRate it:
Apathy 64 ViewsRate it:
Apathy 126 ViewsRate it:
Apathy 10 ViewsRate it:
April Bleeding 15 ViewsRate it:
Arbitrium 2 ViewsRate it:
Arcs & Angles 17 ViewsRate it:
Are You 324 ViewsRate it:
Are You Living Now 219 ViewsRate it:
Armageddon 125 ViewsRate it:
Arms Length 33 ViewsRate it:
Arrival 13 ViewsRate it:
Art's Greatest Gift 227 ViewsRate it:
As Answers Flee 4 ViewsRate it:
As Aquinas Asked 33 ViewsRate it:
As Ever Before 12 ViewsRate it:
As History Laughs 16 ViewsRate it:
As Night The Day 14 ViewsRate it:
As She's Leaving 14 ViewsRate it:
As Then Conceived 2 ViewsRate it:
As Twilight Calls 20 ViewsRate it:
As You Fly 13 ViewsRate it:
As You Speak 14 ViewsRate it:
Ashes Bemired 342 ViewsRate it:
Ashes Cry 61 ViewsRate it:
Ashes In The Past 140 ViewsRate it:
Ashes Sing 326 ViewsRate it:
Asked—Unanswered 97 ViewsRate it:
Assassin Of Time 4 ViewsRate it:
At Any Cost 323 ViewsRate it:
At Bay 214 ViewsRate it:
At Ease And Unfurled 415 ViewsRate it:
At Last 14 ViewsRate it:
At Rest 21 ViewsRate it:
At The End 74 ViewsRate it:
At The End 18 ViewsRate it:
At The End 5 ViewsRate it:
At The Gate 123 ViewsRate it:
At What Point 15 ViewsRate it:
At Your Spirits Behest 330 ViewsRate it:
Au Contraire 52 ViewsRate it:
Audience Of One 196 ViewsRate it:
Audience Of One 128 ViewsRate it:
Augustine Was Right 6 ViewsRate it:
Awaiting Breath 4 ViewsRate it:
Ayn's Nightmare 12 ViewsRate it:
Aρθρίτιδα 10 ViewsRate it:
Back To Thee 16 ViewsRate it:
Back Turned 8 ViewsRate it:
Backhanded 8 ViewsRate it:
Backstabber 8 ViewsRate it:
Balance Be Damned 71 ViewsRate it:
Baptism Of Denial 7 ViewsRate it:
Baptism Of Fire 21 ViewsRate it:
Baptized There 49 ViewsRate it:
Barred From Sight 82 ViewsRate it:
Bartered Youth 28 ViewsRate it:
Bastard Of Time 257 ViewsRate it:
Be Most Careful 41 ViewsRate it:
Be Of Interest 28 ViewsRate it:
Beauty Fraught 179 ViewsRate it:
Because I Must 12 ViewsRate it:
Beck & Call 9 ViewsRate it:
Before Goodbye 7 ViewsRate it:
Before His Throne 161 ViewsRate it:
Before Starting Again 312 ViewsRate it:
Before The Fire 12 ViewsRate it:
Before The Silence 12 ViewsRate it:
Before The Storm 7 ViewsRate it:
Before The Void 10 ViewsRate it:
Before Tomorrow 9 ViewsRate it:
Beginning Again 27 ViewsRate it:
Beginning Again 16 ViewsRate it:
Beginning To End 23 ViewsRate it:
Behind The Curtain 1 ViewRate it:
Behind The Mask 99 ViewsRate it:
Behind The Mask 7 ViewsRate it:
Behind The Veil 14 ViewsRate it:
Belighted 73 ViewsRate it:
Belleza Es Verdad 6 ViewsRate it:
Bemused 50 ViewsRate it:
Beneath The Masque 11 ViewsRate it:
Benedictum 5 ViewsRate it:
Betrayals Past 7 ViewsRate it:
Betrayed 62 ViewsRate it:
Betrothal 3 ViewsRate it:
Betrothed 49 ViewsRate it:
Betrothed 17 ViewsRate it:
Between Two Lies 22 ViewsRate it:
Beyond 14 ViewsRate it:
Beyond 9 ViewsRate it:
Beyond A Future Heaven Loaned 143 ViewsRate it:
Beyond All 11 ViewsRate it:
Beyond All Excuse 20 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Blame 10 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Her Shield 186 ViewsRate it:
Beyond His View 149 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Love And Hate 19 ViewsRate it:
Beyond My Doubt 73 ViewsRate it:
Beyond My Fear 14 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Perdition 13 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Border 12 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The End 9 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Garden 9 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Gleam 119 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Grave 28 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Nearest Star 92 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Now 30 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Sash 19 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Self 86 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Sound 91 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Sun 18 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Thunder 18 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Trap 28 ViewsRate it:
Beyond The Veil 10 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Time 18 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Time Allowed 217 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Today 13 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Words 18 ViewsRate it:
Beyond Your Grasp 8 ViewsRate it:
Big Picture Tease 62 ViewsRate it:
Billy Blue 42 ViewsRate it:
Black Diamond Embrace 142 ViewsRate it:
Black Hole 18 ViewsRate it:
Black Rain 24 ViewsRate it:
Blankets Of Doubt 8 ViewsRate it:
Bleeding Free 24 ViewsRate it:
Blessed To Begin 106 ViewsRate it:
Blessed To Begin 25 ViewsRate it:
Blessing's Disguise 8 ViewsRate it:
Blessings Counted 3 ViewsRate it:
Blind Contempt 18 ViewsRate it:
Blindfolded 10 ViewsRate it:
Blood Line 21 ViewsRate it:
Blood Oath 16 ViewsRate it:
Blood That Woudn't Yield 103 ViewsRate it:
Blues Poem #10 110 ViewsRate it:
Blues Poem #11 349 ViewsRate it:
Blues Speak 103 ViewsRate it:
Body And Soul 8 ViewsRate it:
Bonfire At The Gate 78 ViewsRate it:
Bookends 12 ViewsRate it:
Born & Bred 3 ViewsRate it:
Borrow & Steal 100 ViewsRate it:
Borrowed Time 15 ViewsRate it:
Borrowing Time 9 ViewsRate it:
Both The Future And Past 20 ViewsRate it:
Both Ways 68 ViewsRate it:
Bounty Of Hell 124 ViewsRate it:
Breaking Dawn 33 ViewsRate it:
Breaking Through 9 ViewsRate it:
Breath Surrendered 15 ViewsRate it:
Breathless 14 ViewsRate it:
Bribing The Devil 79 ViewsRate it:
Bricks & Mortar 6 ViewsRate it:
Bringing My Shadow Home 90 ViewsRate it:
Bringing The Curtain Down 10 ViewsRate it:
Buffalo Jump 12 ViewsRate it:
Bullseye 21 ViewsRate it:
Buried In The Coals 168 ViewsRate it:
Buried Within 15 ViewsRate it:
But 2 ViewsRate it:
But A Beggar 13 ViewsRate it:
But Spoken Once 14 ViewsRate it:
By Any Other Name... 69 ViewsRate it:
By Morning You Were Gone 130 ViewsRate it:
By Others Felt 19 ViewsRate it:
Caecus Plagam 9 ViewsRate it:
Call To Heaven 32 ViewsRate it:
Calling Inward 118 ViewsRate it:
Calling Inward 12 ViewsRate it:
Calling Me By Name 60 ViewsRate it:
Calling Me Near 8 ViewsRate it:
Calling Out Just Once 45 ViewsRate it:
Calling To Me Dear 20 ViewsRate it:
Calling Us Inward 8 ViewsRate it:
Camp Cookie Sings... 13 ViewsRate it:
Can CEGA 13 ViewsRate it:
Can You 351 ViewsRate it:
Can You - Will You 105 ViewsRate it:
Can You Rage 91 ViewsRate it:
Cancer 11 ViewsRate it:
Cancer 14 ViewsRate it:
Canyon Dancers 20 ViewsRate it:
Caporal la Violette 7 ViewsRate it:
Capstone Reversed 21 ViewsRate it:
Captured 12 ViewsRate it:
Captured & Slain 13 ViewsRate it:
Captus 6 ViewsRate it:
Carnal Madness 8 ViewsRate it:
Cash Or Check 3 ViewsRate it:
Casting Darkness Aside 15 ViewsRate it:
Casting Shame 20 ViewsRate it:
Catalysts Of The Soul 124 ViewsRate it:
Catching All 48 ViewsRate it:
Catching My Words 378 ViewsRate it:
Catching My Words 261 ViewsRate it:
Caterpillars Delight 123 ViewsRate it:
Catherine 9 ViewsRate it:
Caught 63 ViewsRate it:
Caught Between 5 ViewsRate it:
Caught By The Word 362 ViewsRate it:
Caught Deeply Within 12 ViewsRate it:
Caught In The Jaws 51 ViewsRate it:
Cemetery Of Dreams 178 ViewsRate it:
Centennial Fury 6 ViewsRate it:
Centered Return 94 ViewsRate it:
Chamberlain Falls 27 ViewsRate it:
Change 97 ViewsRate it:
Changed Into Song 15 ViewsRate it:
Channeling A Melody 7 ViewsRate it:
Chasing Miles... 4 ViewsRate it:
Chasing My Voice 114 ViewsRate it:
Cheating The Night 7 ViewsRate it:
Checks You Can't Cash 20 ViewsRate it:
Checks You Can't Cash 20 ViewsRate it:
Chest Without A Name 29 ViewsRate it:
Chevalier 246 ViewsRate it:
Child Of Night 76 ViewsRate it:
Children 55 ViewsRate it:
Children Of A Greater Dawn 46 ViewsRate it:
Children Of The Damned 163 ViewsRate it:
Chimeran Crossing 7 ViewsRate it:
Choice 9 ViewsRate it:
Choices 6 ViewsRate it:
Choose 29 ViewsRate it:
Choosing Between 9 ViewsRate it:
Clear & Free 11 ViewsRate it:
Clever 9 ViewsRate it:
Clothed In Prison 6 ViewsRate it:
Co-Weavers 17 ViewsRate it:
Cogito Ergo Erras 11 ViewsRate it:
Cold And Never Hot 139 ViewsRate it:
Coloring In The Spaces 8 ViewsRate it:
Comedy Of Errors 21 ViewsRate it:
Coming Back 61 ViewsRate it:
Compression 32 ViewsRate it:
Concrete Jungles 41 ViewsRate it:
Conflicted 11 ViewsRate it:
Conjoined 6 ViewsRate it:
Consensure 5 ViewsRate it:
Conversus 6 ViewsRate it:
Convicted To Silence 56 ViewsRate it:
Counting Stopped 15 ViewsRate it:
Couplets Of Rhyme 5 ViewsRate it:
Couplets On Fire 108 ViewsRate it:
Coursed In Stone 15 ViewsRate it:
Courting Truth 6 ViewsRate it:
Crashing The Gate 12 ViewsRate it:
Crazy Horse Calls 116 ViewsRate it:
Cream Always Rises 15 ViewsRate it:
Creases 8 ViewsRate it:
Creation Redeemed 12 ViewsRate it:
Crippled And Lost 7 ViewsRate it:
Crippled Mind 90 ViewsRate it:
Cross Hairs 15 ViewsRate it:
Crossing Over 7 ViewsRate it:
Crossing Over & Looking Back 365 ViewsRate it:
Crossing Over — Turned Around 15 ViewsRate it:
Crossover 361 ViewsRate it:
Crown On Loan 44 ViewsRate it:
Crying Inward 8 ViewsRate it:
Cum Aetate 17 ViewsRate it:
Current Of Dreams 8 ViewsRate it:
Curses Abort 320 ViewsRate it:
Cutting In 23 ViewsRate it:
Cyber Unlearned 18 ViewsRate it:
Dakota Afternoon 15 ViewsRate it:
Damnation Defined 93 ViewsRate it:
Damnation Still Unrhymed 119 ViewsRate it:
Damned Human Race 113 ViewsRate it:
Damning Refrain 13 ViewsRate it:
Dancing Freely 13 ViewsRate it:
Dancing In The Meadows 20 ViewsRate it:
Dark Consensus 5 ViewsRate it:
Dark Genius 67 ViewsRate it:
Dark Knight 105 ViewsRate it:
Dark Knight 112 ViewsRate it:
Dark Orphan 10 ViewsRate it:
Dark Passage 12 ViewsRate it:
Dark Ransom 13 ViewsRate it:
Dark Reflection 10 ViewsRate it:
Dark Summit 6 ViewsRate it:
Dark Thought 74 ViewsRate it:
Dark Weaving 5 ViewsRate it:
Darkening Sun 162 ViewsRate it:
Darker Hues 4 ViewsRate it:
Darkness All I See 10 ViewsRate it:
Darkness And Light 85 ViewsRate it:
Darkness Disowned 18 ViewsRate it:
Darkness Runs 9 ViewsRate it:
Darkness To Dawn 6 ViewsRate it:
Darkness To Light 10 ViewsRate it:
Day And Night 11 ViewsRate it:
Day Into Night 141 ViewsRate it:
Daydreams 27 ViewsRate it:
Daylight 73 ViewsRate it:
Dead Apostates 13 ViewsRate it:
Dead Reckoning 9 ViewsRate it:
Deaf Ear 12 ViewsRate it:
Deaf To Your Chosen Lord 129 ViewsRate it:
Deafened To Hear 122 ViewsRate it:
Death Be Not Imminent 17 ViewsRate it:
Death Becomes Me 90 ViewsRate it:
Death Becomes Near 12 ViewsRate it:
Death But A servant 6 ViewsRate it:
Death By Association 7 ViewsRate it:
Death Calls 134 ViewsRate it:
Death Comes Near 8 ViewsRate it:
Death Grip 52 ViewsRate it:
Death In Bloom 6 ViewsRate it:
Death Match 78 ViewsRate it:
Death Never Quells 388 ViewsRate it:
Death On The Fringe 7 ViewsRate it:
Death On The Fringes 23 ViewsRate it:
Death Unto Itself 91 ViewsRate it:
Death Wades 9 ViewsRate it:
Death Walks Beside 66 ViewsRate it:
Death Warrants 13 ViewsRate it:
Death's Quota 5 ViewsRate it:
Death's Revenge 15 ViewsRate it:
Death's Tribute 10 ViewsRate it:
Deaths Twins 327 ViewsRate it:
Debt Cancelled 90 ViewsRate it:
Deception 62 ViewsRate it:
Deception 117 ViewsRate it:
Deceptively Bright 112 ViewsRate it:
Deemed Poetic 12 ViewsRate it:
Deep In The Heartache 14 ViewsRate it:
Deep Inside 16 ViewsRate it:
Deep Within 143 ViewsRate it:
Deeper Footsteps 13 ViewsRate it:
Default 12 ViewsRate it:
Defensione Vitae 13 ViewsRate it:
Defiled And Lost 117 ViewsRate it:
Defiling The Unknown 6 ViewsRate it:
Defon Zero 113 ViewsRate it:
Deja Vu 19 ViewsRate it:
Delilah's Cry 17 ViewsRate it:
Deliver Me 43 ViewsRate it:
Deliverance 9 ViewsRate it:
Demon Lie Exposed 202 ViewsRate it:
Deo Natus Est 6 ViewsRate it:
Depravity's Eye 424 ViewsRate it:
Dereliction 7 ViewsRate it:
Descartes, Be Damned 13 ViewsRate it:
Desire 13 ViewsRate it:
Destiny Astride 7 ViewsRate it:
Destiny Marked 385 ViewsRate it:
Destiny Unseen 11 ViewsRate it:
Destiny Wed 160 ViewsRate it:
Destroying The Gift 107 ViewsRate it:
Devil Muse 11 ViewsRate it:
Devil's Potion 18 ViewsRate it:
Devil's Talk 7 ViewsRate it:
Diametrix 6 ViewsRate it:
Diamond Of The Soul 8 ViewsRate it:
Dichotomy 41 ViewsRate it:
Did You Dream 10 ViewsRate it:
Different Masks 126 ViewsRate it:
Dilettalia 60 ViewsRate it:
Disavowed 7 ViewsRate it:
Discoursed 4 ViewsRate it:
Disowned 36 ViewsRate it:
Dissolution 8 ViewsRate it:
Distance & Separation 21 ViewsRate it:
Distance Calling 10 ViewsRate it:
Distance Revealed 14 ViewsRate it:
Distant Thunder 327 ViewsRate it:
Divergence 16 ViewsRate it:
Divided And Split 181 ViewsRate it:
Divided We Fall 7 ViewsRate it:
Divinification 3 ViewsRate it:
Divinity 93 ViewsRate it:
Divinity Chosen 126 ViewsRate it:
Divinity Of Self 4 ViewsRate it:
Divinity's Hymn 281 ViewsRate it:
Divinity's Hymn 180 ViewsRate it:
Divinus 8 ViewsRate it:
Do Over 10 ViewsRate it:
Do You 94 ViewsRate it:
Do You Bore Yourself 382 ViewsRate it:
Dodging The Bullet 71 ViewsRate it:
Dogma Incarnate 8 ViewsRate it:
Dogwood Goodbye 59 ViewsRate it:
Don't Blaspheme 16 ViewsRate it:
Don't Bother 7 ViewsRate it:
Don't Bother To Ask 138 ViewsRate it:
Don't Look Back 91 ViewsRate it:
Don't Look Back 8 ViewsRate it:
Don't Look Down 13 ViewsRate it:
Doors Lock 6 ViewsRate it:
Double-Edge 7 ViewsRate it:
Doubt Betrayed 26 ViewsRate it:
Down Through The Ages 26 ViewsRate it:
Down, Down, Down... 9 ViewsRate it:
Dragon Fire 12 ViewsRate it:
Dragons Caught 89 ViewsRate it:
Dragons Caught 18 ViewsRate it:
Draining Our Spirits 10 ViewsRate it:
Drawers Of My Memory 145 ViewsRate it:
Drawers Of Remembrance 5 ViewsRate it:
Dream Prison 9 ViewsRate it:
Dream Weaver 16 ViewsRate it:
Dreaming Of Elko 107 ViewsRate it:
Dreams Forgotten 12 ViewsRate it:
Dreams Neatly Stacked 202 ViewsRate it:
Dreams Now Free 68 ViewsRate it:
Dreams Of Joy 55 ViewsRate it:
Dreams To Live On 63 ViewsRate it:
Dreams Wade In 11 ViewsRate it:
Dreamsleep 14 ViewsRate it:
Drifting Away 429 ViewsRate it:
Drifting Away 171 ViewsRate it:
Dropping Fast 14 ViewsRate it:
Dual Birth 9 ViewsRate it:
Dumbstruck 196 ViewsRate it:
Duplicity 125 ViewsRate it:
Dying Legions 27 ViewsRate it:
Dying To Be Free 278 ViewsRate it:
Dylan Is Gone 90 ViewsRate it:
Dylan's Garden 9 ViewsRate it:
Dylan's Gone 8 ViewsRate it:
Dylan's Gone 8 ViewsRate it:
Dystephany 5 ViewsRate it:
Each Calling 163 ViewsRate it:
Each Choice 13 ViewsRate it:
Each dance 231 ViewsRate it:
Each Day 61 ViewsRate it:
Each Footstep Free 81 ViewsRate it:
Each Look Back 67 ViewsRate it:
Each Memory 28 ViewsRate it:
Each Moment 33 ViewsRate it:
Each Moment Anew 66 ViewsRate it:
Each Stroke Of The Hand 223 ViewsRate it:
Each Unwritten Word 28 ViewsRate it:
Each Voice 16 ViewsRate it:
Eavesdropping On Myself 394 ViewsRate it:
Ecclesia de Veritate 6 ViewsRate it:
Echoing Silence 7 ViewsRate it:
Ecstacy 10 ViewsRate it:
Ego Sum 17 ViewsRate it:
Eight Miles Left 29 ViewsRate it:
Eight Questions 30 ViewsRate it:
Eighty Years Undone 19 ViewsRate it:
Eisai 77 ViewsRate it:
Either Or 6 ViewsRate it:
Either Or Deception 11 ViewsRate it:
Elba Blues 2 ViewsRate it:
Embodied 9 ViewsRate it:
Embracing Your Fear 25 ViewsRate it:
Embracing Your Fear 17 ViewsRate it:
Emergence Sublime 154 ViewsRate it:
Emily Was An Aberration 135 ViewsRate it:
Emotional Bondage 7 ViewsRate it:
Emotional Correctness 177 ViewsRate it:
Emptiness Reveals 7 ViewsRate it:
Emptiness Sublime 25 ViewsRate it:
Emptiness Within 9 ViewsRate it:
Empty Spaces 11 ViewsRate it:
Enchante 7 ViewsRate it:
End Of All Ends 9 ViewsRate it:
End To End 18 ViewsRate it:
Enemy Within 10 ViewsRate it:
Enflame 8 ViewsRate it:
Engulfed 6 ViewsRate it:
Enough 9 ViewsRate it:
Ensnared 11 ViewsRate it:
Entrapment 5 ViewsRate it:
Entre 8 ViewsRate it:
Envy Is A Curse 100 ViewsRate it:
Envy Is A Curse 26 ViewsRate it:
Envy Sits Alone 5 ViewsRate it:
Epiphanous Light 84 ViewsRate it:
Epiphany Relayed 17 ViewsRate it:
Epiphany's Light 6 ViewsRate it:
Equus Speaks 11 ViewsRate it:
Escaping Into Verse 53 ViewsRate it:
Essentia 18 ViewsRate it:
Essentia Omnis 83 ViewsRate it:
Eternal Embrace 9 ViewsRate it:
Eternity 34 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Has Its Say 98 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Says 112 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Set Free 108 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Smiles 14 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Unknown 24 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Waiting 91 ViewsRate it:
Eternity Waits 35 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Door 13 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Glow 103 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Glow 17 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Hymn 34 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Hymn 9 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Mark 16 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Seed 5 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Spark 26 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Twin 10 ViewsRate it:
Eternity's Wings 13 ViewsRate it:
Even When 42 ViewsRate it:
Even When 8 ViewsRate it:
Every Moment 7 ViewsRate it:
Everything But Love 25 ViewsRate it:
Excommunicado 18 ViewsRate it:
Exigent Power 10 ViewsRate it:
Exitus 13 ViewsRate it:
Exploding Epiphany 77 ViewsRate it:
Exploding Thought 14 ViewsRate it:
Exposed 103 ViewsRate it:
Exposed 110 ViewsRate it:
Exposed 20 ViewsRate it:
Eyes To Close 16 ViewsRate it:
Eyes-Heart 104 ViewsRate it:
Fading Into Memory 29 ViewsRate it:
Fading To Nothingness 94 ViewsRate it:
Fair Winds Ahead 11 ViewsRate it:
Fait Accompli 46 ViewsRate it:
Fait Accompli 14 ViewsRate it:
Faith & Honor 73 ViewsRate it:
Fallback 73 ViewsRate it:
Fallen Angel 6 ViewsRate it:
Fallen Blooms 20 ViewsRate it:
Falling Free 12 ViewsRate it:
Falling Leaves 69 ViewsRate it:
Falling Petals 4 ViewsRate it:
Falling Short 10 ViewsRate it:
Fallow Dreams 14 ViewsRate it:
False Claim 7 ViewsRate it:
False Hope 5 ViewsRate it:
False Hope Again 94 ViewsRate it:
False Limits 51 ViewsRate it:
False Reflection 10 ViewsRate it:
Falsehoods You Endear 129 ViewsRate it:
Fantasia 6 ViewsRate it:
Fantasy Escapes 18 ViewsRate it:
Far Better (Blues Poem #18) 204 ViewsRate it:
Farther Than Near 227 ViewsRate it:
Fast & Loose 10 ViewsRate it:
Fatality Of Fear 8 ViewsRate it:
Fate Will Say... 4 ViewsRate it:
Fate's Retort 190 ViewsRate it:
Fated Current 4 ViewsRate it:
Fated Divine 10 ViewsRate it:
Fated To Go 192 ViewsRate it:
Fates Arrow 107 ViewsRate it:
Fates Retort 415 ViewsRate it:
Father 9 ViewsRate it:
Father To The Man 4 ViewsRate it:
Fatherless And Alone 48 ViewsRate it:
Fault Line 8 ViewsRate it:
Fear & Ignorance 13 ViewsRate it:
Fear Now My Prey 35 ViewsRate it:
Fear Now My Prey 17 ViewsRate it:
Fear Self Indicts 23 ViewsRate it:
Fear Stalks The Night 368 ViewsRate it:
Fear Stalks The Night 22 ViewsRate it:
Fear Turns Into Song 11 ViewsRate it:
Feast From Within 69 ViewsRate it:
Feasting On Famine 17 ViewsRate it:
Feeding My Soul 58 ViewsRate it:
Feeling Beyond 182 ViewsRate it:
Feelings Attack 122 ViewsRate it:
Feelings Sacred 9 ViewsRate it:
Fertile And Silent 6 ViewsRate it:
Fidelite 4 ViewsRate it:
Field Theory 13 ViewsRate it:
File Or Burn 17 ViewsRate it:
Fill In The Blank? 21 ViewsRate it:
Filling My Words 20 ViewsRate it:
Final Sunset Commands 65 ViewsRate it:
Final Torch 110 ViewsRate it:
Final Victory 12 ViewsRate it:
Final Wish 55 ViewsRate it:
Fire & Ice 11 ViewsRate it:
Fire & Rain 9 ViewsRate it:
Fire And Rain 61 ViewsRate it:
Fire Still Burns 98 ViewsRate it:
First & Last 41 ViewsRate it:
First And Last 9 ViewsRate it:
First Bite 69 ViewsRate it:
First Breath 234 ViewsRate it:
First Cut 21 ViewsRate it:
First Cut The Deepest 93 ViewsRate it:
First Law Of Metaphysics 14 ViewsRate it:
First Light To Keep 7 ViewsRate it:
First Love 22 ViewsRate it:
First Or Last 9 ViewsRate it:
First Poem 94 ViewsRate it:
First Poem 10 ViewsRate it:
Five Strangers 40 ViewsRate it:
Five Strangers 8 ViewsRate it:
Flash Dance 22 ViewsRate it:
Flashbacks 15 ViewsRate it:
Flashes 18 ViewsRate it:
Flashpoint 65 ViewsRate it:
Flashpoint 71 ViewsRate it:
Fleeting Epiphany 8 ViewsRate it:
Flotsam & Jetsam 6 ViewsRate it:
Flowing Through 55 ViewsRate it:
Following Storm 5 ViewsRate it:
Fond Memory's Child 89 ViewsRate it:
Fool's Gold 7 ViewsRate it:
Footnote Of Dreams 8 ViewsRate it:
Footnotes Of Pain 13 ViewsRate it:
For All To Share 339 ViewsRate it:
For Augustus 121 ViewsRate it:
For Better Or... 7 ViewsRate it:
For Evermore 76 ViewsRate it:
For Melissa On Her Birthday 14 ViewsRate it:
For Papa 127 ViewsRate it:
For Something More 7 ViewsRate it:
For The Determinists 10 ViewsRate it:
For Those 5 ViewsRate it:
Fore And After 4 ViewsRate it:
Forever Alive 14 ViewsRate it:
Forever At Home 9 ViewsRate it:
Forever At Once 30 ViewsRate it:
Forever Beguiled 51 ViewsRate it:
Forever Beguiled 8 ViewsRate it:
Forever Calls 11 ViewsRate it:
Forever Carried Away 6 ViewsRate it:
Forever In Shade 17 ViewsRate it:
Forever Like That 17 ViewsRate it:
Forever Long 26 ViewsRate it:
Forever Lost 15 ViewsRate it:
Forever Lost 10 ViewsRate it:
Forever Now 5 ViewsRate it:
Forever On Hold 17 ViewsRate it:
Forever To Be 6 ViewsRate it:
Forever To Feast 5 ViewsRate it:
Forever To Know 47 ViewsRate it:
Forever To Share 11 ViewsRate it:
Forever To Shine 149 ViewsRate it:
Forever Waiting Unknown 18 ViewsRate it:
Forever Wet 103 ViewsRate it:
Forever Wondering 13 ViewsRate it:
Forever Wondering Why 417 ViewsRate it:
Forever—Yet Brief 74 ViewsRate it:
Forgive Me, I Beg 30 ViewsRate it:
Forgiveness For Less 346 ViewsRate it:
Forgotten & Lost 9 ViewsRate it:
Forgotten Lord 132 ViewsRate it:
Forgotten Lord 25 ViewsRate it:
Fortune Cast 9 ViewsRate it:
Fortune Of Words 5 ViewsRate it:
Four Sentiments 11 ViewsRate it:
Fraternal Melee 14 ViewsRate it:
Free & Clear 12 ViewsRate it:
Free & Clear 4 ViewsRate it:
Free Again 280 ViewsRate it:
Free And Atoned 304 ViewsRate it:
Free And Clear 24 ViewsRate it:
Free Of All Lies 19 ViewsRate it:
Free Of Blame 14 ViewsRate it:
Free Of Doubt 16 ViewsRate it:
Free Of Its Stain 358 ViewsRate it:
Free To Roam 86 ViewsRate it:
Freebird 19 ViewsRate it:
Freebyrd 10 ViewsRate it:
Freed Of Sin 69 ViewsRate it:
Freedom 56 ViewsRate it:
Freedom Calls 32 ViewsRate it:
Freedom Dealt 17 ViewsRate it:
Freedom Deserts 32 ViewsRate it:
Freedom's Hope Denied 182 ViewsRate it:
Freedom's Ladder 12 ViewsRate it:
Freedom's Portal 5 ViewsRate it:
Fresh Promise 122 ViewsRate it:
Fresh Voices 15 ViewsRate it:
Fried Oysters 81 ViewsRate it:
From 'The Book Of Prayers 22 ViewsRate it:
From Beginning To End 59 ViewsRate it:
From Beyond The Grave 9 ViewsRate it:
From Death Set Me Free 80 ViewsRate it:
From Heaven Bought 61 ViewsRate it:
From The Heavens Sent 27 ViewsRate it:
From The Muse... 10 ViewsRate it:
From The Source 5 ViewsRate it:
From Your Pen 42 ViewsRate it:
Front To Back 11 ViewsRate it:
Further I Must Go 86 ViewsRate it:
Further To Roam 11 ViewsRate it:
Fusion 10 ViewsRate it:
Future & Past 57 ViewsRate it:
Future Bought 10 ViewsRate it:
Future Now Past 50 ViewsRate it:
Future-Past 5 ViewsRate it:
Gabriel Calls 62 ViewsRate it:
Gabriel Calls 208 ViewsRate it:
Gabriel's Horn 520 ViewsRate it:
Gabriel's Horn 37 ViewsRate it:
Gale Warning 48 ViewsRate it:
Gargouille Dispersed 101 ViewsRate it:
Gateway To Eternity 3 ViewsRate it:
Generation Lost 23 ViewsRate it:
Gifted Free 11 ViewsRate it:
Given & Heard 27 ViewsRate it:
Given Words 28 ViewsRate it:
Giving & Taking 26 ViewsRate it:
Giving It Up 9 ViewsRate it:
Glass Houses 20 ViewsRate it:
Glass Houses 26 ViewsRate it:
Glorious Welcome 5 ViewsRate it:
Glory Unsung 70 ViewsRate it:
God To Reject 78 ViewsRate it:
God's Tracks 105 ViewsRate it:
Godel Was Right 12 ViewsRate it:
Going To The Sun Road 9 ViewsRate it:
Golden Hair 84 ViewsRate it:
Gone Astray 51 ViewsRate it:
Goodbye Laura 65 ViewsRate it:
Grains Of Sand 11 ViewsRate it:
Grandfather's Divorce 204 ViewsRate it:
Grandfather's Song 4 ViewsRate it:
Grandparenting 32 ViewsRate it:
Grandparenting 13 ViewsRate it:
Gravitas Without Veritas 43 ViewsRate it:
Great Grandfather John 17 ViewsRate it:
Greeting The Dawn 4 ViewsRate it:
Grief Belies 14 ViewsRate it:
Grief To Go 284 ViewsRate it:
Guardians Of Tomorrow 8 ViewsRate it:
Hail Athena 7 ViewsRate it:
Half Way To Memphis 155 ViewsRate it:
Hand In Hand 14 ViewsRate it:
Hang On 4 ViewsRate it:
Hard Won 191 ViewsRate it:
Harlem To Cannes 8 ViewsRate it:
Harlem To Paris 24 ViewsRate it:
Harlot Of Love 17 ViewsRate it:
Harvest Of Light 62 ViewsRate it:
Hawks Into Doves 142 ViewsRate it:
Headed West 15 ViewsRate it:
Headstone Of Sorrow 303 ViewsRate it:
Hear Then Speak 127 ViewsRate it:
Hearts At Rest 21 ViewsRate it:
Hearts To Fill 15 ViewsRate it:
Hearts To Impound 7 ViewsRate it:
Heat Blinds 4 ViewsRate it:
Heaven & Hell 187 ViewsRate it:
Heaven And Hell 372 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Made 7 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Only Knows 111 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Or Hell 327 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Proclaimed 15 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Sent 68 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Waits 78 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Waits (Blues Poem #15) 286 ViewsRate it:
Heaven Wrote 13 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Atelier 8 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Call 13 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Chord 6 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Ear 10 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Gate 10 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Thunder 59 ViewsRate it:
Heaven's Wings 15 ViewsRate it:
Heavenly Known 8 ViewsRate it:
Heavenly Sham 14 ViewsRate it:
Heavens To Own 58 ViewsRate it:
Heavens To Own 4 ViewsRate it:
Hell Upon Earth 172 ViewsRate it:
Her Eyes 43 ViewsRate it:
Her Majesty 15 ViewsRate it:
Her Power Accused 107 ViewsRate it:
Her Right 32 ViewsRate it:
Her Voice 10 ViewsRate it:
Here & There 14 ViewsRate it:
Here And There 8 ViewsRate it:
Here But Gone 8 ViewsRate it:
Hidden Embers 12 ViewsRate it:
Hidden Fantasia 15 ViewsRate it:
Hidden In Rhyme 12 ViewsRate it:
Hidden Jewels 6 ViewsRate it:
Hidden Nightmare 62 ViewsRate it:
Hiding A Nightmare 96 ViewsRate it:
Hiding From The Light 7 ViewsRate it:
Hiding Inside 8 ViewsRate it:
Higher Bred 10 ViewsRate it:
Higher Given 5 ViewsRate it:
Higher Ground 86 ViewsRate it:
Highway 61 8 ViewsRate it:
His Bounteous Light 13 ViewsRate it:
His Destiny Wed 202 ViewsRate it:
His Grace 12 ViewsRate it:
His Legend Calls 7 ViewsRate it:
His Riches Claimed 126 ViewsRate it:
His Shadow 6 ViewsRate it:
His Wishing Well 75 ViewsRate it:
Hollow Drums 12 ViewsRate it:
Home 276 ViewsRate it:
Honeybee's Die 3 ViewsRate it:
Hope 70 ViewsRate it:
Hope 131 ViewsRate it:
Hope 21 ViewsRate it:
Hope Afire 9 ViewsRate it:
Hope Denied 10 ViewsRate it:
Hope May Till 8 ViewsRate it:
Hope Never Rests 54 ViewsRate it:
Hope Turns 4 ViewsRate it:
Hopeful Sound 7 ViewsRate it:
Hopes & Wishes 6 ViewsRate it:
Hourglass 8 ViewsRate it:
House Arrest 59 ViewsRate it:
How 335 ViewsRate it:
How Much - How Many 63 ViewsRate it:
How Much Joy 15 ViewsRate it:
How Much—How Many 20 ViewsRate it:
Humbly I Pray 13 ViewsRate it:
Hunted By A Lie 280 ViewsRate it:
I Am 45 ViewsRate it:
I Answered Back 77 ViewsRate it:
I Charge Within 50 ViewsRate it:
I Charge Within 6 ViewsRate it:
I Hate 111 ViewsRate it:
I Kneel And I Pray 380 ViewsRate it:
I Shouldn't 75 ViewsRate it:
I Stand Accused 15 ViewsRate it:
I'm Gone 10 ViewsRate it:
I'm Tired 232 ViewsRate it:
Icebergs Melt 32 ViewsRate it:
Ichiban 46 ViewsRate it:
Id Infinitum 6 ViewsRate it:
If 130 ViewsRate it:
If 11 ViewsRate it:
If I Don't 121 ViewsRate it:
If It Ain't Worth Remembering 79 ViewsRate it:
If It's Not One Thing... 13 ViewsRate it:
If Never 15 ViewsRate it:
If Not For The Poet 59 ViewsRate it:
If Not Truth 9 ViewsRate it:
If Only 395 ViewsRate it:
If The Moment Repeats 182 ViewsRate it:
If Walls Could Talk 17 ViewsRate it:
If We Were Young Men 111 ViewsRate it:
If We Were Young Men 49 ViewsRate it:
If You Ask... 11 ViewsRate it:
If, As Emily Said... 11 ViewsRate it:
Illusions Foray 53 ViewsRate it:
Imagery Forgives 16 ViewsRate it:
Immemoratio 7 ViewsRate it:
Immolantis 6 ViewsRate it:
Immolatio 16 ViewsRate it:
Immunity 8 ViewsRate it:
Impaled Again 4 ViewsRate it:
Impavida 17 ViewsRate it:
Imperfectly To Song 139 ViewsRate it:
Imprisoned 11 ViewsRate it:
Imprisoned Within 10 ViewsRate it:
In Charge Of The Night 13 ViewsRate it:
In Cold Blood 13 ViewsRate it:
In Color 9 ViewsRate it:
In Command 60 ViewsRate it:
In Conflict 19 ViewsRate it:
In Constancy Redeemed 5 ViewsRate it:
In Darkness 12 ViewsRate it:
In Death Renewed 46 ViewsRate it:
In Flames 10 ViewsRate it:
In Hoc Momento 3 ViewsRate it:
In Lament Of The Cowboy 14 ViewsRate it:
In Lament Of The Cowboy 81 ViewsRate it:
In Memoriam 9 ViewsRate it:
In Memoriam: Chris Kyle 27 ViewsRate it:
In My Dreams 9 ViewsRate it:
In My Heart Delights 62 ViewsRate it:
In Our Hearts 21 ViewsRate it:
In Remembrance 12 ViewsRate it:
In Search Of My Own 222 ViewsRate it:
In Search Of The Cream 66 ViewsRate it:
In Search Of The One 35 ViewsRate it:
In Shadows Grow 44 ViewsRate it:
In Shadows Grow 10 ViewsRate it:
In Sheep's Clothing 10 ViewsRate it:
In Spite Of Ourselves 12 ViewsRate it:
In The Abstract 15 ViewsRate it:
In The Dark 204 ViewsRate it:
In The Darkness And Alone 56 ViewsRate it:
In The Distance 13 ViewsRate it:
In The Distance 12 ViewsRate it:
In The End 15 ViewsRate it:
In The End... 7 ViewsRate it:
In The Look 9 ViewsRate it:
In The Looking Glass 9 ViewsRate it:
In The Morning You Were Gone 94 ViewsRate it:
In The Nick Of Time 18 ViewsRate it:
In The Night 25 ViewsRate it:
In The Pudding 9 ViewsRate it:
In The Wind 6 ViewsRate it:
In The Wine 8 ViewsRate it:
In This Moment 11 ViewsRate it:
In This Present Begun 20 ViewsRate it:
In This Present Begun 14 ViewsRate it:
In Time That Matters 120 ViewsRate it:
In Tribute 17 ViewsRate it:
In Truth I Lack 252 ViewsRate it:
In Virtue I Sin 350 ViewsRate it:
In Voltaire's Shadow 5 ViewsRate it:
In Your Smile 16 ViewsRate it:
Incantation 69 ViewsRate it:
Incarceratus 14 ViewsRate it:
Increasing The Weight 69 ViewsRate it:
Indecision 11 ViewsRate it:
Indentured 10 ViewsRate it:
Indifference 88 ViewsRate it:
Inherence 5 ViewsRate it:
Inherent Devotion 9 ViewsRate it:
Inhumanity 101 ViewsRate it:
Ink Into Wine 124 ViewsRate it:
Ink Spilling Divine 14 ViewsRate it:
Ink That Doesn't Run 119 ViewsRate it:
Inner Child 3 ViewsRate it:
Inner Thunder 13 ViewsRate it:
Innocence Bleeding 64 ViewsRate it:
Innocence Skipped 8 ViewsRate it:
Inside A Bottle 15 ViewsRate it:
Inside—Out 24 ViewsRate it:
Inspiration 11 ViewsRate it:
Inspire Or Explain 7 ViewsRate it:
Insulation 15 ViewsRate it:
Intellectual AIDS 7 ViewsRate it:
Interdiction 17 ViewsRate it:
Interment 13 ViewsRate it:
Into My Prose 13 ViewsRate it:
Into The Light 48 ViewsRate it:
Into the Light 95 ViewsRate it:
Into The Night 94 ViewsRate it:
Into Their Hands 99 ViewsRate it:
Introductory Poem To My New Book... 14 ViewsRate it:
Ipse Solus 12 ViewsRate it:
Is Anyone 117 ViewsRate it:
Is Anyone 116 ViewsRate it:
Is Death The Price 80 ViewsRate it:
Is It Something More? 21 ViewsRate it:
Is It Time 10 ViewsRate it:
Is Love 36 ViewsRate it:
Is Love Forever Young 49 ViewsRate it:
Is There 17 ViewsRate it:
Is Your Area Born Alone 227 ViewsRate it:
It Was All Of That 133 ViewsRate it:
It's Harder 163 ViewsRate it:
It's More 11 ViewsRate it:
It's You 9 ViewsRate it:
Itinerantur 8 ViewsRate it:
Its Light Shines 6 ViewsRate it:
Its Magic Exposed 67 ViewsRate it:
Its Meaning Contained 41 ViewsRate it:
Its Memory Anchors Still 83 ViewsRate it:
Its Only Cost 91 ViewsRate it:
Its Orphans Dead 12 ViewsRate it:
Its Reckoning Comes 8 ViewsRate it:
Its Scar Now Yours To Love (Blues Poem #12) 45 ViewsRate it:
Its Tears 117 ViewsRate it:
Its Treasure Calls 138 ViewsRate it:
Its Unrest 4 ViewsRate it:
Its Verses Defy 62 ViewsRate it:
Jaded And Hoping 12 ViewsRate it:
Jailer To This Dream 128 ViewsRate it:
Je Ne Sais Quoi 5 ViewsRate it:
Jewels Of Hope 26 ViewsRate it:
John's Ode 125 ViewsRate it:
Johns Remorse 16 ViewsRate it:
Joni's Circle Game 8 ViewsRate it:
Joy 9 ViewsRate it:
Joy Out Front 18 ViewsRate it:
Joyous Epitaph 3 ViewsRate it:
Juice In The Bottle 50 ViewsRate it:
Jurassic Dreams 2 ViewsRate it:
Just A Writer 171 ViewsRate it:
Just Because 108 ViewsRate it:
Keeper Of The Flame 6 ViewsRate it:
Keeping Freedom Alive 34 ViewsRate it:
Kiai Fire 106 ViewsRate it:
Kill Shot 29 ViewsRate it:
Killing Me With Her Love 70 ViewsRate it:
Killing The Past 30 ViewsRate it:
Kingston Mines 9 ViewsRate it:
Knighthood 134 ViewsRate it:
La Verdad 100 ViewsRate it:
Lady Liberty Mourns 120 ViewsRate it:
Laid Bare 5 ViewsRate it:
Laissez Faire 16 ViewsRate it:
Lakota Psalm 67 ViewsRate it:
LaLa Land 26 ViewsRate it:
Lamenting The Past 11 ViewsRate it:
Language Denied 100 ViewsRate it:
Las Vegas Layoff 69 ViewsRate it:
Last Bell 5 ViewsRate it:
Last Bet 329 ViewsRate it:
Last Blaze 292 ViewsRate it:
Last Blind Ascent 4 ViewsRate it:
Last Bullet 27 ViewsRate it:
Last Chance 8 ViewsRate it:
Last Charade 14 ViewsRate it:
Last Chariot 18 ViewsRate it:
Last Check To Cash 28 ViewsRate it:
Last Choice 9 ViewsRate it:
Last Curtain To Fall 100 ViewsRate it:
Last Domino 16 ViewsRate it:
Last Doubt 12 ViewsRate it:
Last Drop 4 ViewsRate it:
Last Feather 8 ViewsRate it:
Last Ghost 28 ViewsRate it:
Last Goodbye 290 ViewsRate it:
Last Grain 16 ViewsRate it:
Last Message 13 ViewsRate it:
Last Mirage 129 ViewsRate it:
Last Mojo Child (Blues Poem #14) 36 ViewsRate it:
Last Moment To Burn 218 ViewsRate it:
Last Moth 18 ViewsRate it:
Last Orphan 149 ViewsRate it:
Last Orphan Of The Truth 359 ViewsRate it:
Last Page 14 ViewsRate it:
Last Pass 11 ViewsRate it:
Last Payment Remiss 17 ViewsRate it:
Last Poison Dart 50 ViewsRate it:
Last Reflection 16 ViewsRate it:
Last Second Chance 128 ViewsRate it:
Last Step 179 ViewsRate it:
Last Stop 7 ViewsRate it:
Last Tear 12 ViewsRate it:
Last Verse 46 ViewsRate it:
Last Verse-Zero Sum 60 ViewsRate it:
Last Windmill Tilting 6 ViewsRate it:
Last Words 82 ViewsRate it:
Laura's Captive 15 ViewsRate it:
Laying The Track 17 ViewsRate it:
Lazy Susan Blues 393 ViewsRate it:
Leaving Again 6 ViewsRate it:
Leaving This World 17 ViewsRate it:
Left Fleeting 6 ViewsRate it:
Left In Song 6 ViewsRate it:
Left To Brew 23 ViewsRate it:
Left To Spew 126 ViewsRate it:
Left To Weather 8 ViewsRate it:
Left To Weep 14 ViewsRate it:
Left Unsaid 16 ViewsRate it:
Left Unsung 9 ViewsRate it:
Legacy For Sale 25 ViewsRate it:
Legacy Of Endowment 9 ViewsRate it:
Legacy Of Fear 14 ViewsRate it:
Legacy Still Unheard 325 ViewsRate it:
Legacy's Tale 3 ViewsRate it:
Legions Cry 8 ViewsRate it:
Less Is More 11 ViewsRate it:
Less Risk 16 ViewsRate it:
Less Risk Of Conjecture 67 ViewsRate it:
Lest We Forget 8 ViewsRate it:
Let Me Ask 15 ViewsRate it:
Letting Go 13 ViewsRate it:
Liars Dwell 19 ViewsRate it:
Liberating The Truth 15 ViewsRate it:
Liberatio 7 ViewsRate it:
Liberation 34 ViewsRate it:
Libertatem 10 ViewsRate it:
Licentia 9 ViewsRate it:
Lies 1 & 2 16 ViewsRate it:
Lies To Withstand 211 ViewsRate it:
Life 310 ViewsRate it:
Life 182 ViewsRate it:
Life Below 76 ViewsRate it:
Life Or Death 214 ViewsRate it:
Life Or Death 230 ViewsRate it:
Life Support 13 ViewsRate it:
Life's Contract 14 ViewsRate it:
Life's Greatest Curse 15 ViewsRate it:
Life's Greatest Gift 15 ViewsRate it:
Life's Promise Still Unknown 44 ViewsRate it:
Life's Tenancy 28 ViewsRate it:
Lifeline 5 ViewsRate it:
Lifelines 10 ViewsRate it:
Liftoff 3 ViewsRate it:
Light In A Bend 111 ViewsRate it:
Light Or Chains 39 ViewsRate it:
Lightning Proclaimed 8 ViewsRate it:
Lights Prisoner 9 ViewsRate it:
Like A Child 130 ViewsRate it:
Limbo 7 ViewsRate it:
Limboesque 73 ViewsRate it:
Limbus Puerorum 8 ViewsRate it:
Liner Note 10 ViewsRate it:
Lines Impearled 6 ViewsRate it:
Literal Obesity 43 ViewsRate it:
Literary Genetics 7 ViewsRate it:
Literary Hourglass 6 ViewsRate it:
Literary Nuptial 15 ViewsRate it:
Literary Wanderer 33 ViewsRate it:
Literate Quicksand 133 ViewsRate it:
Living For Today 8 ViewsRate it:
Living Inside 8 ViewsRate it:
Living On The Surface 64 ViewsRate it:
Living The Dream 9 ViewsRate it:
Living Unclaimed 126 ViewsRate it:
Living Unclaimed 12 ViewsRate it:
Loading Door #1 5 ViewsRate it:
Locked In Kayenta 8 ViewsRate it:
Locqui Veritas 10 ViewsRate it:
Logic A Mess 8 ViewsRate it:
Lonesome Whistle 3 ViewsRate it:
Longing Befriends 26 ViewsRate it:
Look To The Harbor 10 ViewsRate it:
Looking Away 7 ViewsRate it:
Looking Back 11 ViewsRate it:
Looking Back — Moving On 17 ViewsRate it:
Lords Over Time 22 ViewsRate it:
Loss 15 ViewsRate it:
Lost 14 ViewsRate it:
Lost Bondage 129 ViewsRate it:
Lost Candle Of Time 18 ViewsRate it:
Lost Grace 19 ViewsRate it:
Lost Horizon 15 ViewsRate it:
Lost In Dismay 163 ViewsRate it:
Lost In Refrain 83 ViewsRate it:
Lost Inferno 135 ViewsRate it:
Lost Inside 8 ViewsRate it:
Lost Memories Define 14 ViewsRate it:
Lost Moments 13 ViewsRate it:
Lost Or Found 10 ViewsRate it:
Lost Pawn 12 ViewsRate it:
Lost Sounds 12 ViewsRate it:
Lost Swans 11 ViewsRate it:
Lost Voices 23 ViewsRate it:
Lost Words 18 ViewsRate it:
Lost—Unfelt 9 ViewsRate it:
Loud And Wild 23 ViewsRate it:
Loud And Wild 13 ViewsRate it:
Love As Wings 26 ViewsRate it:
Love Demands 6 ViewsRate it:
Love Disowned 163 ViewsRate it:
Love On The Run 302 ViewsRate it:
Love Our Fate 10 ViewsRate it:
Love Surrounds 11 ViewsRate it:
Love Takes A Bow 117 ViewsRate it:
Love To Recompose 87 ViewsRate it:
Love Without Pain 31 ViewsRate it:
Love Yourself 18 ViewsRate it:
Love's Captive 22 ViewsRate it:
Love's Delight 19 ViewsRate it:
Love's Denial 98 ViewsRate it:
Love's Reality—Unreal 15 ViewsRate it:
Love's Release 15 ViewsRate it:
Love's Reprieve 67 ViewsRate it:
Love's Toll 12 ViewsRate it:
Lover In Armor 41 ViewsRate it:
Lover's Mirage 8 ViewsRate it:
Loves Denial 14 ViewsRate it:
Lunacy's Bliss 120 ViewsRate it:
Lying There 10 ViewsRate it:
Lying There Alone 98 ViewsRate it:
Lyrical Kill Shot 8 ViewsRate it:
Made Of Stone 10 ViewsRate it:
Madonna's Last Hymn 39 ViewsRate it:
Madre 11 ViewsRate it:
Magdalena 176 ViewsRate it:
Magic Exposed 8 ViewsRate it:
Magna Carta 5 ViewsRate it:
Magnificent Silence 9 ViewsRate it:
Make A Decision 16 ViewsRate it:
Making Love To The Muse 407 ViewsRate it:
Many As One 14 ViewsRate it:
Maria 269 ViewsRate it:
Mariah Calls 8 ViewsRate it:
Mariah's Song 11 ViewsRate it:
Marking Time 23 ViewsRate it:
Marlais 9 ViewsRate it:
Marooned 122 ViewsRate it:
Married To The Voice 15 ViewsRate it:
Masks On Display 8 ViewsRate it:
Master Of It All 15 ViewsRate it:
Master Or Ghost 181 ViewsRate it:
Math Murder 15 ViewsRate it:
May It Be Said 13 ViewsRate it:
Maybe 46 ViewsRate it:
Meadow So Dear 24 ViewsRate it:
Meadow So Dear 9 ViewsRate it:
Memories 70 ViewsRate it:
Memories Flee 33 ViewsRate it:
Memories Of Bob 33 ViewsRate it:
Memories Of Jim 13 ViewsRate it:
Memories Of Le Mans 54 ViewsRate it:
Memory 40 ViewsRate it:
Memory Exhales 18 ViewsRate it:
Memory Hacked 16 ViewsRate it:
Memory Lane 4 ViewsRate it:
Memory Past 13 ViewsRate it:
Memory The Master 20 ViewsRate it:
Memory's Return 13 ViewsRate it:
Mexican Hat 8 ViewsRate it:
Miami Heat 19 ViewsRate it:
Mightier Than The Sword 90 ViewsRate it:
Millennial Academia 20 ViewsRate it:
Millennial's Curse 65 ViewsRate it:
Mine To Know 8 ViewsRate it:
Minor Plus Est 5 ViewsRate it:
Minus Thine 9 ViewsRate it:
Mirage 13 ViewsRate it:
Mirage In The Distance 10 ViewsRate it:
Missing The Dream 6 ViewsRate it:
Mjolnir 9 ViewsRate it:
Modernia 10 ViewsRate it:
Moment's Left Unfelt 86 ViewsRate it:
Moments In Song 6 ViewsRate it:
Moments Left 6 ViewsRate it:
Moments On The Run 79 ViewsRate it:
Money And Blood 123 ViewsRate it:
Monument Row 14 ViewsRate it:
Moon Walk 109 ViewsRate it:
More 17 ViewsRate it:
More A Feeling 12 ViewsRate it:
More Than A Cellphone 266 ViewsRate it:
Morgan Freeman Got It Right 49 ViewsRate it:
Morning Flower 23 ViewsRate it:
Morning In Doubt 24 ViewsRate it:
Morning In Doubt 6 ViewsRate it:
Morning In Your Eyes 20 ViewsRate it:
Morphing In Time 8 ViewsRate it:
Morrison 4 ViewsRate it:
Mortgaged Dreams 111 ViewsRate it:
Most Are Lost 5 ViewsRate it:
Most Often Missed 17 ViewsRate it:
Mount Rushmore Afternoon 70 ViewsRate it:
Mourning's Roar 9 ViewsRate it:
Moveable Feast 7 ViewsRate it:
Mr. Bojangles—Dance 8 ViewsRate it:
Mr. Prime Minister (The Last Lion) 6 ViewsRate it:
Muddy Waters 26 ViewsRate it:
Musings Reborn 194 ViewsRate it:
Muted & Gone 8 ViewsRate it:
Muted Sirens 123 ViewsRate it:
Muted Sirens 24 ViewsRate it:
Mutual Exclusion 10 ViewsRate it:
My Back To The Light 205 ViewsRate it:
My Back To The Past 16 ViewsRate it:
My Breath 5 ViewsRate it:
My Crutch 121 ViewsRate it:
My Destiny Within 143 ViewsRate it:
My Dying Rage 428 ViewsRate it:
My Emptiness Whole 39 ViewsRate it:
My Faith In Season 345 ViewsRate it:
My Faith Will Move On 368 ViewsRate it:
My Fate... 15 ViewsRate it:
My Father Instilled 56 ViewsRate it:
My Final Hour 7 ViewsRate it:
My Garden 19 ViewsRate it:
My Gatekeeper 46 ViewsRate it:
My Gift 60 ViewsRate it:
My Guide 23 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Bleeds 96 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Now Rests 111 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Revived 13 ViewsRate it:
My Heart Still Chimes 18 ViewsRate it:
My Heart To Chime 12 ViewsRate it:
My Heart To Wander 18 ViewsRate it:
My Hope 14 ViewsRate it:
My Indulgent Refrain 13 ViewsRate it:
My Last Breath 81 ViewsRate it:
My Last Etesian 133 ViewsRate it:
My Laura-Within 99 ViewsRate it:
My Legacy Planted 185 ViewsRate it:
My Mojo Light - Blues Poem #12 21 ViewsRate it:
My Own 8 ViewsRate it:
My Own Betrayal 13 ViewsRate it:
My Parting Wish 73 ViewsRate it:
My Past Reclaimed 15 ViewsRate it:
My Past Returns 84 ViewsRate it:
My Path Unbroken 68 ViewsRate it:
My Pen To Flow 18 ViewsRate it:
My Present Spins 117 ViewsRate it:
My Prose Will Flow 75 ViewsRate it:
My Real Father 32 ViewsRate it:
My Searching Begins 199 ViewsRate it:
My Sins He Forgave 54 ViewsRate it:
My Soul Electric 83 ViewsRate it:
My Soul Elektric 55 ViewsRate it:
My Soul There To Shine 63 ViewsRate it:
My Souls Asylum 17 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Complete 42 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Complete 12 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Enthroned 186 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Set Free 10 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Unbound 112 ViewsRate it:
My Spirit Zero-Sum 63 ViewsRate it:
My Stone To Drag 29 ViewsRate it:
My Thoughts And Prayers—Thine 94 ViewsRate it:
My Wait Begins Again 35 ViewsRate it:
My Will On Fire 14 ViewsRate it:
My Words 4 ViewsRate it:
My Words - Hemingway To Gertrude Stein 275 ViewsRate it:
My Words My Own 7 ViewsRate it:
My Words Remain 13 ViewsRate it:
Myopia 27 ViewsRate it:
Myself Revealed 378 ViewsRate it:
Myself To Keep 8 ViewsRate it:
Myself, I Bring 15 ViewsRate it:
Naked Before The Mob 93 ViewsRate it:
Naked Before The Mob 46 ViewsRate it:
Naked In The Forest 9 ViewsRate it:
Naked Joy 125 ViewsRate it:
Nature Flees 69 ViewsRate it:
Nature In Play 20 ViewsRate it:
Nature's Call 19 ViewsRate it:
Nearer Than Far 12 ViewsRate it:
Neither A Borrower Nor... 14 ViewsRate it:
Neither Borrower Nor Lender Be 15 ViewsRate it:
Neither Friend Nor Foe 12 ViewsRate it:
Neither Nor 19 ViewsRate it:
Never 19 ViewsRate it:
Never A Question 438 ViewsRate it:
Never Destitute 123 ViewsRate it:
Never Destitute 15 ViewsRate it:
Never Explain 13 ViewsRate it:
Never To Last 5 ViewsRate it:
Never To Rest 35 ViewsRate it:
Never To Yield 14 ViewsRate it:
Never Yours To Lose 49 ViewsRate it:
New Beginning 98 ViewsRate it:
New Blood 7 ViewsRate it:
New Book Title 6 ViewsRate it:
New Forests Call 17 ViewsRate it:
New Hampshire Dawn 19 ViewsRate it:
New Heartbeats 12 ViewsRate it:
New Hope 11 ViewsRate it:
New Life 79 ViewsRate it:
New Light Unspoken 32 ViewsRate it:
New Light Unspoken 11 ViewsRate it:
New Love 12 ViewsRate it:
New Melody 10 ViewsRate it:
New Melody To Learn 118 ViewsRate it:
New Memories Converse 14 ViewsRate it:
New Memories Rehearse 84 ViewsRate it:
New Millennium's Curse 11 ViewsRate it:
New Millennium's Curse 24 ViewsRate it:
New Millenniums Curse 122 ViewsRate it:
New Moments Explode 58 ViewsRate it:
New Morning 60 ViewsRate it:
New Mornings 20 ViewsRate it:
New Pathway 40 ViewsRate it:
New Pathway 12 ViewsRate it:
New Questions Found 200 ViewsRate it:
New Space 65 ViewsRate it:
New Storms 227 ViewsRate it:
New Tracks In Search 88 ViewsRate it:
New Verse Begins 44 ViewsRate it:
New Voices 230 ViewsRate it:
New Whispers 114 ViewsRate it:
New Words 133 ViewsRate it:
Next Station 122 ViewsRate it:
Nexus 26 ViewsRate it:
Night Guardian 107 ViewsRate it:
Nightmare Awoken 10 ViewsRate it:
Nighttime Has Answered 146 ViewsRate it:
Nisi Poeta 10 ViewsRate it:
NME 10 ViewsRate it:
No Blank Degree 22 ViewsRate it:
No Candy This Year 87 ViewsRate it:
No Candy This Year 122 ViewsRate it:
No Candy This Year 11 ViewsRate it:
No Dessert 8 ViewsRate it:
No Dishonor Or Shame 82 ViewsRate it:
No Dreams Allowed 176 ViewsRate it:
No Enmity 5 ViewsRate it:
No Favors 20 ViewsRate it:
No Heart Denied 13 ViewsRate it:
No Ink From Within 163 ViewsRate it:
No Last Goodbye 27 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Asking 17 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Free 11 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Hot 9 ViewsRate it:
No Longer In Doubt 15 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Love Denied 55 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Store Bought 398 ViewsRate it:
No Longer Store Bought 134 ViewsRate it:
No Longer To Hide 22 ViewsRate it:
No Matter The Cost 16 ViewsRate it:
No More - No Less 188 ViewsRate it:
No More Could I Seek 326 ViewsRate it:
No More Could I Seek 167 ViewsRate it:
No More To Question 22 ViewsRate it:
No One, And Nothing 28 ViewsRate it:
No Place To Hide 160 ViewsRate it:
No Place To Hide 12 ViewsRate it:
No Time Left 5 ViewsRate it:
No Title 3 ViewsRate it:
No Truce 12 ViewsRate it:
No Turning Back 205 ViewsRate it:
No Umbrella 8 ViewsRate it:
No Way Out 9 ViewsRate it:
No Way Out 12 ViewsRate it:
No Words Left 151 ViewsRate it:
No, No — YES 91 ViewsRate it:
No-Stalgia 5 ViewsRate it:
Non Grata 8 ViewsRate it:
Not A Child In Sight 52 ViewsRate it:
Not A Child In Sight 9 ViewsRate it:
Not Dispelled 9 ViewsRate it:
Not Enough Soap 45 ViewsRate it:
Not Fully Shorn 138 ViewsRate it:
Not Half-Not Whole 298 ViewsRate it:
Not Hard Nor Fast 100 ViewsRate it:
Not I 8 ViewsRate it:
Not My Wound 70 ViewsRate it:
Not To Last 6 ViewsRate it:
Nothing And No One 12 ViewsRate it:
Nothing But Pretend 122 ViewsRate it:
Nothing But Time 15 ViewsRate it:
Nothing Left To Lose 13 ViewsRate it:
Nothing More 173 ViewsRate it:
Nothing More 18 ViewsRate it:
Nothing New 9 ViewsRate it:
Nothingness Calls 13 ViewsRate it:
Now 7 ViewsRate it:
Now As Before 191 ViewsRate it:
Now As Then 409 ViewsRate it:
Now Denied 15 ViewsRate it:
Now Due 246 ViewsRate it:
Now Fly Within 364 ViewsRate it:
Now Heaven Shone 21 ViewsRate it:
Now Mine To Keep 117 ViewsRate it:
Now Open The Door 424 ViewsRate it:
Now Others Sung 37 ViewsRate it:
Now Unfelt 13 ViewsRate it:
Nowhere Left 7 ViewsRate it:
Now—Then 174 ViewsRate it:
Nt For Loan 55 ViewsRate it:
Nulla Universitas 14 ViewsRate it:
Nunc Perpetuum 8 ViewsRate it:
Nuptials 81 ViewsRate it:
Nusquam Omnino 12 ViewsRate it:
Obsessio 14 ViewsRate it:
Ode To Bobby 10 ViewsRate it:
Ode To The Husky Clipper 129 ViewsRate it:
Of You And Me 24 ViewsRate it:
Oft Times 7 ViewsRate it:
Oglala Lament: Decembver, 1890 26 ViewsRate it:
Oh 121 ViewsRate it:
Oh, Mr. President
 124 ViewsRate it:
Oh, Mr. President
 130 ViewsRate it:
Oil & Water 5 ViewsRate it:
Old Embers Near Extinguished 65 ViewsRate it:
Old Hunger 170 ViewsRate it:
Old Souls 22 ViewsRate it:
On Bended Knee 32 ViewsRate it:
On Bended Knee 40 ViewsRate it:
On Borrowed Time 10 ViewsRate it:
On Loan 16 ViewsRate it:
On My Sleeve 4 ViewsRate it:
On My Writing 8 ViewsRate it:
On Sale For Thee 30 ViewsRate it:
On Satan's Grave 49 ViewsRate it:
On Spoken Wings 105 ViewsRate it:
On Spoken Wings 7 ViewsRate it:
On The Line 26 ViewsRate it:
On The Run (Blues Poem #14) 13 ViewsRate it:
On Whose Love 62 ViewsRate it:
On Wings From Before 15 ViewsRate it:
On Wings Heaven Sent 75 ViewsRate it:
Once Breathless 9 ViewsRate it:
Once Denied 102 ViewsRate it:
Once The Bee Has Left 36 ViewsRate it:
Once The Circle Breaks Out 113 ViewsRate it:
Once The Present Has Died 125 ViewsRate it:
Once Tomorrow Is Gone 18 ViewsRate it:
Once You're Gone 26 ViewsRate it:
One Candle Burns 19 ViewsRate it:
One Chance 107 ViewsRate it:
One Choice 92 ViewsRate it:
One Day Beyond Mourning 121 ViewsRate it:
One Deep Thrust 65 ViewsRate it:
One Final Bill 7 ViewsRate it:
One Kiss 118 ViewsRate it:
One Last 27 ViewsRate it:
One Last Beginning 17 ViewsRate it:
One Last Choice 47 ViewsRate it:
One Last Dance 37 ViewsRate it:
One Last Drink 2 ViewsRate it:
One Last Line 16 ViewsRate it:
One Last Thing 42 ViewsRate it:
One Last Wish 12 ViewsRate it:
One Lasting Wish 5 ViewsRate it:
One Light 11 ViewsRate it:
One Look 22 ViewsRate it:
One Memory 104 ViewsRate it:
One More Message 19 ViewsRate it:
One More Smile 21 ViewsRate it:
One More Tomorrow 106 ViewsRate it:
One Of Us 10 ViewsRate it:
One Present 306 ViewsRate it:
One Rock 110 ViewsRate it:
One Time Forever 19 ViewsRate it:
One To Care 31 ViewsRate it:
One Truth 7 ViewsRate it:
One Verse 37 ViewsRate it:
One Vow 18 ViewsRate it:
One Way Mirror 21 ViewsRate it:
One Well 111 ViewsRate it:
One Word Of Hope 79 ViewsRate it:
One's Own Breath 12 ViewsRate it:
Only A Dream 107 ViewsRate it:
Only A Poet 345 ViewsRate it:
Only A Tiger (Nursery Rhyme #48) 15 ViewsRate it:
Only As Sacred 376 ViewsRate it:
Only For Itself 126 ViewsRate it:
Only For You 248 ViewsRate it:
Only God Can Command 14 ViewsRate it:
Only He 85 ViewsRate it:
Only Man Knows 17 ViewsRate it:
Only Mental 6 ViewsRate it:
Only My Words 278 ViewsRate it:
Only My Words 178 ViewsRate it:
Only One 17 ViewsRate it:
Only One 16 ViewsRate it:
Only One Past 100 ViewsRate it:
Only To Remind 9 ViewsRate it:
Only To the Brave 36 ViewsRate it:
Only Two Ways 15 ViewsRate it:
Only You 9 ViewsRate it:
Open Fields 361 ViewsRate it:
Open Fields 202 ViewsRate it:
Opening Night 5 ViewsRate it:
Opening Poem To Book 'Short Poem' 53 ViewsRate it:
Opening Poem To My New Novel: 'Death From The Sky' 97 ViewsRate it:
Opinion Be Damned 27 ViewsRate it:
Optimus Amicus 13 ViewsRate it:
Or 7 ViewsRate it:
Or Both 19 ViewsRate it:
Or Turn You Out 109 ViewsRate it:
Oracle 71 ViewsRate it:
Orphaned Moments 10 ViewsRate it:
Orphaned Shadows 4 ViewsRate it:
Orphaned Silent 204 ViewsRate it:
Other's Fear 46 ViewsRate it:
Our Blood Will Drain 56 ViewsRate it:
Our Choices 9 ViewsRate it:
Our Essence To Bear 9 ViewsRate it:
Our Fated Selves 60 ViewsRate it:
Our Fated Selves 26 ViewsRate it:
Our Future Imperiled 102 ViewsRate it:
Our Gateway 103 ViewsRate it:
Our Heritage Dies 196 ViewsRate it:
Our New Beginning 33 ViewsRate it:
Our New Beginning 29 ViewsRate it:
Our Presents Lay 153 ViewsRate it:
Our Spiritual Vacuum 11 ViewsRate it:
Our Spiritual Vacuum 14 ViewsRate it:
Our Venomous End 72 ViewsRate it:
Our Will To Answer 3 ViewsRate it:
Ourselves To Keep 12 ViewsRate it:
Out Of Sight 136 ViewsRate it:
Out Of Time 36 ViewsRate it:
Outside The Moment 16 ViewsRate it:
Outside The Womb 6 ViewsRate it:
Oxyprofanity 90 ViewsRate it:
Pain 82 ViewsRate it:
Palette Free 102 ViewsRate it:
Pandora's Revenge 4 ViewsRate it:
Pascal's Wager 5 ViewsRate it:
Passing Beyond 5 ViewsRate it:
Passion Like Tinder 283 ViewsRate it:
Passion Released 6 ViewsRate it:
Past September 8 ViewsRate it:
Past That Place 51 ViewsRate it:
Past That Place 8 ViewsRate it:
Patchwork Of Tailors 13 ViewsRate it:
Patience 134 ViewsRate it:
Payback 12 ViewsRate it:
Perchance To... 9 ViewsRate it:
Perdita 7 ViewsRate it:
Perdition Assured 63 ViewsRate it:
Perfection Born 111 ViewsRate it:
Permission Granted 18 ViewsRate it:
Perversion 277 ViewsRate it:
Peter Pan Aglow 91 ViewsRate it:
Pick Your Poison 13 ViewsRate it:
Pieces Of My Heart 15 ViewsRate it:
Pitching Wedge To Hell 57 ViewsRate it:
Pittacium 3 ViewsRate it:
Plato Was Right 11 ViewsRate it:
Plato's Bequeath 20 ViewsRate it:
Plato's Bequeath 14 ViewsRate it:
Poet 374 ViewsRate it:
Poet 104 ViewsRate it:
Poet 19 ViewsRate it:
Poet 8 ViewsRate it:
Poetic Dyslexia 82 ViewsRate it:
Poetic Triage 18 ViewsRate it:
Poetry Begins 23 ViewsRate it:
Poetry Can't 16 ViewsRate it:
Poetry Too! 3 ViewsRate it:
Point Counterpoint 7 ViewsRate it:
Pointing The Way 15 ViewsRate it:
Polar Extremes 18 ViewsRate it:
Politice Rectam 11 ViewsRate it:
Politics 13 ViewsRate it:
Poly Sci 10 ViewsRate it:
Portentia 9 ViewsRate it:
Portrait Of The Artist As An Old Man 113 ViewsRate it:
Potpourri Babycakes 331 ViewsRate it:
Power For Sale 154 ViewsRate it:
Power Infects 83 ViewsRate it:
Praying For Light 385 ViewsRate it:
Praying For The Light 13 ViewsRate it:
Pre-Ordained 20 ViewsRate it:
Precious & Dear 9 ViewsRate it:
Present Betrothal 7 ViewsRate it:
Present Perfect 4 ViewsRate it:
Present To Sharpen 112 ViewsRate it:
Pretium Amoris 129 ViewsRate it:
Primal Fear 15 ViewsRate it:
Primi Entis 30 ViewsRate it:
Priority 11 ViewsRate it:
Prison Of Time 28 ViewsRate it:
Prisoner Of Disguise 205 ViewsRate it:
Prisoner Of The Light 15 ViewsRate it:
Prisoner Of Time 74 ViewsRate it:
Prisoners Of Time 13 ViewsRate it:
Profaned 49 ViewsRate it:
Promises Kept 113 ViewsRate it:
Prophecy Reclaimed 9 ViewsRate it:
Prophet Of Time 87 ViewsRate it:
Prose 6 ViewsRate it:
Ptesan-Wi 20 ViewsRate it:
Pulling Away 237 ViewsRate it:
Punk' Tuation 14 ViewsRate it:
Quantum Zeno 26 ViewsRate it:
Quietude 17 ViewsRate it:
Quod 9 ViewsRate it:
Radiant Epiphany 85 ViewsRate it:
Raging Tiger 119 ViewsRate it:
Railway To Hell 8 ViewsRate it:
Railway To Hell 10 ViewsRate it:
Raison D 18 ViewsRate it:
Rampage 8 ViewsRate it:
Rapture In Flight 16 ViewsRate it:
Re-Armored 207 ViewsRate it:
Re: Warren 'Link' Draper 3 ViewsRate it:
Reach Out With Your Spirit 138 ViewsRate it:
Reaching Out 90 ViewsRate it:
Reaching Out 12 ViewsRate it:
Real Poets 67 ViewsRate it:
Reality Bends 7 ViewsRate it:
Reality's Hymn 20 ViewsRate it:
Reasons Demand 48 ViewsRate it:
Reasons Mine To Keep 14 ViewsRate it:
Reasons Sublime 16 ViewsRate it:
Reawakening 39 ViewsRate it:
Reborn 126 ViewsRate it:
Reborn 8 ViewsRate it:
Reborn A Poet 114 ViewsRate it:
Reborn In Verse 14 ViewsRate it:
Reckoning Storm 8 ViewsRate it:
Recollection 12 ViewsRate it:
Redemption Near 22 ViewsRate it:
Redemption Profaned 34 ViewsRate it:
Reentering 130 ViewsRate it:
Refusing To Kneel 7 ViewsRate it:
Refusing To Play 133 ViewsRate it:
Regret 14 ViewsRate it:
Rejecting Your Fear 404 ViewsRate it:
Released 17 ViewsRate it:
Remorseful I Grieve 30 ViewsRate it:
Renamed 111 ViewsRate it:
Renewal 26 ViewsRate it:
Renewed 7 ViewsRate it:
Renewed Wishes 28 ViewsRate it:
Resonant Voices 8 ViewsRate it:
Resonation 10 ViewsRate it:
Rest In Peace 'Will Rogers 9 ViewsRate it:
Revelation 11 ViewsRate it:
Reward & Punishment 82 ViewsRate it:
Rhyme, Rhythm & Song 167 ViewsRate it:
Riches Unknown 6 ViewsRate it:
Rip Tide 31 ViewsRate it:
Rising Above 8 ViewsRate it:
Rising Again 50 ViewsRate it:
Rising Sun 17 ViewsRate it:
Road Rule 24 ViewsRate it:
Rock & Roll (Blues Poem #2) 13 ViewsRate it:
Rock Legends 8 ViewsRate it:
Rooted Within 27 ViewsRate it:
Rotor Blades That Kill 13 ViewsRate it:
Running 114 ViewsRate it:
Rustler Of Graves 33 ViewsRate it:
Rx P 6 ViewsRate it:
S 239 ViewsRate it:
Sacrificial Hymn 358 ViewsRate it:
Sacrificial Lambs 20 ViewsRate it:
Sacrilege 74 ViewsRate it:
Safe From The Light 20 ViewsRate it:
Safe Harbor 14 ViewsRate it:
Safe Within 30 ViewsRate it:
Sagacity 9 ViewsRate it:
Sages And Broomsticks 23 ViewsRate it:
Saint Joan 24 ViewsRate it:
Salvation Besought 127 ViewsRate it:
Salvation Burned 96 ViewsRate it:
Salvation Dispersed 16 ViewsRate it:
Salvation Divine 124 ViewsRate it:
Salvations Regret 80 ViewsRate it:
Samsara 19 ViewsRate it:
Save A Poet 6 ViewsRate it:
Scars Of Experience 127 ViewsRate it:
Scented Feelings 80 ViewsRate it:
School's Out 7 ViewsRate it:
Science Proclaims 13 ViewsRate it:
Scorched And Burned 8 ViewsRate it:
Screaming Loud 40 ViewsRate it:
Sea Of Truth 7 ViewsRate it:
Sealing The Memory 6 ViewsRate it:
Searching 15 ViewsRate it:
Searching And Waiting 10 ViewsRate it:
Searching In Vain 11 ViewsRate it:
Seasons Flow 21 ViewsRate it:
Seasons To Mourn 9 ViewsRate it:
Seasons Turn 19 ViewsRate it:
Second Chances 11 ViewsRate it:
Seduction 14 ViewsRate it:
Self Delusion 5 ViewsRate it:
Self-Implosion 22 ViewsRate it:
Sensory Imprint 17 ViewsRate it:
Sensus 4 ViewsRate it:
Sentence Long 108 ViewsRate it:
Sentenced Glory 10 ViewsRate it:
Separation Profound 125 ViewsRate it:
Seraph's Delight 206 ViewsRate it:
Servitutem 3 ViewsRate it:
Set Free 34 ViewsRate it:
Set To Bloom 24 ViewsRate it:
Setting It Free 120 ViewsRate it:
Setting The Ghost Free 56 ViewsRate it:
Shadows 13 ViewsRate it:
Shadows Fall Distant 16 ViewsRate it:
Shakespearian Poison 82 ViewsRate it:
Shared Light 20 ViewsRate it:
She's Familiar 90 ViewsRate it:
She's Gone 5 ViewsRate it:
Sheep's Clothing 6 ViewsRate it:
Shining A Light 13 ViewsRate it:
Short & Dear 12 ViewsRate it:
Short Verse 40 ViewsRate it:
Shouting Farewell 8 ViewsRate it:
Siamese Endowment 6 ViewsRate it:
Sight Incensed 8 ViewsRate it:
Sight Unseen 8 ViewsRate it:
Sighted Blind 6 ViewsRate it:
Sighting In 11 ViewsRate it:
Silence Most Deadly 5 ViewsRate it:
Silence To Collide 12 ViewsRate it:
Silence Unclaimed 7 ViewsRate it:
Silence Unheard 116 ViewsRate it:
Silent Night 144 ViewsRate it:
Silent Prayer 16 ViewsRate it:
Singularity 81 ViewsRate it:
Singularity 8 ViewsRate it:
Slave To fashion 108 ViewsRate it:
Slave To Light 11 ViewsRate it:
Sleep Well My Love, Goodbye 54 ViewsRate it:
Sleeping Dogs 10 ViewsRate it:
Sleeping Untold 11 ViewsRate it:
Sleeping With The Muse 94 ViewsRate it:
Sleeping With The Muse 11 ViewsRate it:
Sleeping With The Muse 17 ViewsRate it:
Slimmer Than None 7 ViewsRate it:
Slipping Away 23 ViewsRate it:
Smashing The Mirror 6 ViewsRate it:
Smoke & Mirrors 95 ViewsRate it:
Smokescreen 20 ViewsRate it:
Snake Eyes 27 ViewsRate it:
Snow Blind 13 ViewsRate it:
So Hard Undefined 80 ViewsRate it:
So Hard Undefined 17 ViewsRate it:
So Help Me God 20 ViewsRate it:
Soemthing For Jimi 58 ViewsRate it:
Sold Unborn 4 ViewsRate it:
Solitude 68 ViewsRate it:
Solo Uno 13 ViewsRate it:
Something Beyond 8 ViewsRate it:
Something For Emily 16 ViewsRate it:
Something For Gregg 72 ViewsRate it:
Something For Gregg 123 ViewsRate it:
Something For Pyotr 340 ViewsRate it:
Something More 24 ViewsRate it:
Son Of The Raging Tiger 8 ViewsRate it:
Song From The Mountaintop 81 ViewsRate it:
Song From The Mountaintop 11 ViewsRate it:
Soul To Repast 80 ViewsRate it:
Soul Unrehearsed 52 ViewsRate it:
Space To Grow 15 ViewsRate it:
Spellbound 11 ViewsRate it:
Spirit Imbued 96 ViewsRate it:
Spirit Reclaimed 14 ViewsRate it:
Spirit Runs 45 ViewsRate it:
Spirit Wings 1 ViewRate it:
Spirit's Cry 20 ViewsRate it:
Spirit's Transform 10 ViewsRate it:
Spiritual Rebirth 19 ViewsRate it:
Spiritus Vitae 10 ViewsRate it:
Spitting In The Wind 9 ViewsRate it:
Spoiled Grapes 8 ViewsRate it:
Spoken Free 14 ViewsRate it:
Spoken Treasure 8 ViewsRate it:
Spring 7 ViewsRate it:
Square By Square 8 ViewsRate it:
Stage left 7 ViewsRate it:
Standing Alone 8 ViewsRate it:
Stars & Stripes 18 ViewsRate it:
Step By Step 11 ViewsRate it:
Steve Jobs (The Inhumanity Of Perfection) 361 ViewsRate it:
Stigmata 9 ViewsRate it:
Stigmata 21 ViewsRate it:
Still Asking Why 15 ViewsRate it:
Still Lost 66 ViewsRate it:
Still They Call 76 ViewsRate it:
Still To Dance 8 ViewsRate it:
Still To Run 100 ViewsRate it:
Still Unborn 3 ViewsRate it:
Still Virgin 9 ViewsRate it:
Stillborn 180 ViewsRate it:
Stolen Dreams 14 ViewsRate it:
Stolen Moments 14 ViewsRate it:
Storm Warning 8 ViewsRate it:
Storm Warning 15 ViewsRate it:
Straddling The Flame 56 ViewsRate it:
Strangers Cry Out 10 ViewsRate it:
Strong Winds 9 ViewsRate it:
Stronger Winds 49 ViewsRate it:
Sublimity 9 ViewsRate it:
Subservience 15 ViewsRate it:
Summer 1962 'The Time Of His Life 323 ViewsRate it:
Summer Song 16 ViewsRate it:
Surrendering To Love 8 ViewsRate it:
Surrendering To The Muse 54 ViewsRate it:
Surrounding Our Being 11 ViewsRate it:
Suture Unknown 100 ViewsRate it:
Sutured Infirmity 38 ViewsRate it:
Swampland Conjecture 5 ViewsRate it:
Swan Song 102 ViewsRate it:
Symbios 2 ViewsRate it:
Symbiosis 8 ViewsRate it:
Symbiosis Reborn 8 ViewsRate it:
Symbiotic Abound 124 ViewsRate it:
Symbiotica 12 ViewsRate it:
Syntactxx 13 ViewsRate it:
T-r-a-p-p-e-d 21 ViewsRate it:
Take Heart 83 ViewsRate it:
Take Note 18 ViewsRate it:
Tasting The Past 7 ViewsRate it:
Tasunka Witko 19 ViewsRate it:
Tasunka-Witko 130 ViewsRate it:
Tears 68 ViewsRate it:
Tears And Missteps 14 ViewsRate it:
Tears Of Pain 31 ViewsRate it:
Technology's Price 24 ViewsRate it:
Temporal Delusion 8 ViewsRate it:
Temptation Blind 134 ViewsRate it:
Tenets Of Honor 4 ViewsRate it:
Thank You Lord 126 ViewsRate it:
Thast Voice 36 ViewsRate it:
That Beckoning Star 16 ViewsRate it:
That Final Breath 172 ViewsRate it:
That Final Skin 29 ViewsRate it:
That Final Thing 9 ViewsRate it:
That Final Window 11 ViewsRate it:
That First Broken Heart 22 ViewsRate it:
That Haunting Voice 3 ViewsRate it:
That Horse 110 ViewsRate it:
That Horse 63 ViewsRate it:
That Last Final Moment 9 ViewsRate it:
That Lonely Road 92 ViewsRate it:
That Look Remains 11 ViewsRate it:
That Missing Link 23 ViewsRate it:
That One Reader 7 ViewsRate it:
That One Thing 13 ViewsRate it:
That Place I Wander 195 ViewsRate it:
That Space Inside 10 ViewsRate it:
That Tux In Your Mind 290 ViewsRate it:
That Voice Inside 187 ViewsRate it:
That Voice Who Calls 135 ViewsRate it:
That Voice You Hear 86 ViewsRate it:
That Which Sustains 18 ViewsRate it:
The 'Cafe 10 ViewsRate it:
The 4th Dimension 175 ViewsRate it:
The 50 Dollar A Day Poet 116 ViewsRate it:
The 5th Season 46 ViewsRate it:
The Abdicate 8 ViewsRate it:
The Academic Mask 17 ViewsRate it:
The Altar Of Love 100 ViewsRate it:
The Anchor's Gone 6 ViewsRate it:
The Angels Dance 23 ViewsRate it:
The Angry Lion 19 ViewsRate it:
The Answers Rebuffed 117 ViewsRate it:
The Ashes Of Sin 12 ViewsRate it:
The Awakening 5 ViewsRate it:
The Baby's Laugh 16 ViewsRate it:
The Bare Minimum 11 ViewsRate it:
The Beginning More Important.... 83 ViewsRate it:
The Beginning Of The End 7 ViewsRate it:
The Best Moments 47 ViewsRate it:
The Biggest Lie 9 ViewsRate it:
The Bleeding Stops 8 ViewsRate it:
The Boat Rocks 7 ViewsRate it:
The Borderline 6 ViewsRate it:
The Bottom Drawer 87 ViewsRate it:
The Boys 5 ViewsRate it:
The Bricks You Lay 59 ViewsRate it:
The Burden 47 ViewsRate it:
The Burn 62 ViewsRate it:
The Call 5 ViewsRate it:
The Call Of Tomorrow 15 ViewsRate it:
The Calling 3 ViewsRate it:
The Camel Threads 4 ViewsRate it:
The Chameleons 14 ViewsRate it:
The Change 11 ViewsRate it:
The Charm 22 ViewsRate it:
The Chase 34 ViewsRate it:
The Choice 109 ViewsRate it:
The Choice 14 ViewsRate it:
The Choking Of Angels 16 ViewsRate it:
The Circle Closes 3 ViewsRate it:
The Circle Is Closed 77 ViewsRate it:
The Circle Unbroken 131 ViewsRate it:
The Claimant 5 ViewsRate it:
The Claiming Race 304 ViewsRate it:
The Cloak Of Forgiveness 124 ViewsRate it:
The Coldest Muse 13 ViewsRate it:
The Colored Glass 22 ViewsRate it:
The Coma Of Denial 16 ViewsRate it:
The Comet's Tail 6 ViewsRate it:
The Coming Dawn 57 ViewsRate it:
The Contradiction Rhymed 72 ViewsRate it:
The Cook May Go Home 81 ViewsRate it:
The Core 12 ViewsRate it:
The Cosmos Expands 7 ViewsRate it:
The Cost 61 ViewsRate it:
The Cost 50 ViewsRate it:
The Cost 12 ViewsRate it: