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— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Since Stanley felt the icy blast Jack leads the Opposition. A mild, scholastic man to cast For such a tough position. Fit for some rude iconoclast Or th... 103 views
'Jim Of Maribyrnong'
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
They were forthright days when Jim was born, When they called a spade a spade. And statesmen held in lofty scorn he trickster's sticky trade. For their ... 27 views
'Peaceable Expulsion'
— Ambrose Bierce
DRAMATIS PERSONAE. MOUNTWAVE _a Politician_ HARDHAND _a Workingman_ TOK BAK _a Chinaman_ SATAN _a Friend to Mountwave_ CHORUS OF FOREIGN VOTERS. MOUN... 93 views
'The Lone Wolf Of Canberra'
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
A man without a party, he Knows nought of obligation To any friend; but, fancy free. He represents the nation. In lonely majesty he sits To give the Opp... 128 views
A Ballad for Elderly Kids
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now this is the ballad of Jeremy Jones, And likewise of Bobadil Brown, Of the Snooks and the Snaggers and Macs and Malones, And Diggle and Daggle and Do... 80 views
A Bill for the Better Promotion of Oppression on the Sabbath Day
— Thomas Love Peacock
Forasmuch as the Canter's and Fanatic's Lord Sayeth peace and joy are by me abhorred; And would fill each Sunday with gloom and pain For all too poor hi... 71 views
A Black-List
— Ambrose Bierce
'Resolved that we will post,' the tradesmen say, 'All names of debtors who do never pay.' 'Whose shall be first?' inquires the ready scribe 'Who are the... 65 views
A Boston Ballad, 1854
— Walt Whitman
TO get betimes in Boston town, I rose this morning early; Here's a good place at the corner--I must stand and see the show. Clear the way the... 120 views
A Bush Lawyer
— Andrew Barton Paterson
When Ironbark the turtle came to Anthony's lagoon The hills were hid behind a mist of equinoctal rain, The ripple of the rivulets was like a cheerful ... 118 views
A Bush Lawyer
— Banjo Paterson Andrew Barton
When Ironbark the turtle came to Anthony's lagoon The hills were hid behind a mist of equinoctal rain, The ripple of the rivulets was like a cheerful tu... 1 view
A Cabin Tale
— Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE YOUNG MASTER ASKS FOR A STORY Whut you say, dah? huh, uh! chile, You 's enough to dribe me wile. Want a sto'y; jes' hyeah dat! Whah' 'll I git a st... 114 views
A Cabin Tale - The Young Master Asks For A Story
— Paul Laurence Dunbar
Whut you say, dah? huh, uh! chile, You 's enough to dribe me wile. Want a sto'y; jes' hyeah dat! Whah' 'll I git a sto'y at? Di'n' I tell you th'ee las'... 2 views
A Case Of Libel.
— Thomas Moore
"The greater the truth, the worse the libel." A certain Sprite, who dwells below, ('Twere a libel perhaps to mention where,) Came up incog. some... 3 views
A Character, Panegyric, And Description Of The Legion Club
— Jonathan Swift
The immediate provocation to this fierce satire upon the Irish Parliament was the introduction of a Bill to put an end to the tithe on pasturage, called... 2 views
A Day the Stars Aligned
— Brian Hansen
Earth spins on its spin like as make us all dizzy, It rise in the West, cross the face of the Sun. Then once a year, it's your anniversary, The day ... 80 views
A Description Of One Of The Pieces Of Tapistry At Long-Leat
— Anne Kingsmill Finch
THUS Tapistry of old, the Walls adorn'd, Ere noblest Dames the artful Shuttle scorn'd: Arachne, then, with Pallas did contest, And scarce th' Immorta... 93 views
A Dialogue Between Mad Mullinix And Timothy
— Jonathan Swift
M. I own, 'tis not my bread and butter, But prithee, Tim, why all this clutter? Why ever in these raging fits, Damning to hell the Jacobites? When if yo... 1 view
A Different Route
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Say you have some great objective. Very well. Be calm, reflective; Make no vulgar show of vigor; 'tisn't good. Do not rush the thing directly; But appro... 68 views
A Dirge of Joy
— Henry Lawson
Oh! this is a joyful dirge, my friends, and this is a hymn of praise; And this is a clamour of Victory, and a pæan of Ancient Days. It isn’t a Yelp of t... 81 views
A Fable For Critics
— James Russell Lowell
Phoebus, sitting one day in a laurel-tree's shade, Was reminded of Daphne, of whom it was made, For the god being one day too warm in his wooing, She to... 103 views
A Fable Of The Lion And Other Beasts
— Jonathan Swift
One time a mighty plague did pester All beasts domestic and sylvester, The doctors all in concert join'd, To see if they the cause could find; And tried... 1 view
A Fair Risk
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Rashly I shot an arrow in the air, And, as my shaft into the zenith sped, I knew 'twas bound to fall some time, somewhere; And wondered if 'twould dropp... 109 views
A False Prophecy
— Ambrose Bierce
Dom Pedro, Emperor of far Brazil (Whence coffee comes and the three-cornered nut), They say that you're imperially ill, And threatened with paralysis. T... 120 views
A Few Lines to Beauty
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Girls! You with the bobbed hair or Mary Pickford curls, Likewise you others Who still adopt the hair-dressing style, That makes the moderns smile. B... 144 views
A Few Remarks on Goats, Asses and the Dead Hand
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I don't mind kings and dukes and things; I don't mind wigs or maces; I don't mind crowns or robes or gowns Or ruffles, swords or laces But what I do ob... 80 views

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