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'Bosses Don't Seem Right' - A Christmas Monologue
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
The thing's all wrong (I sez to ‘im) Now look, there's this ‘ere Monday, Jim, Comes before Christmas. Be a toff An' lest us ‘ave the Monday off. ‘E ‘um... 78 views
'Tis so appalling—it exhilarates
— Emily Dickinson
'Tis so appalling—it exhilarates— So over Horror, it half Captivates— The Soul stares after it, secure— A Sepulchre, fears frost, no more— To scan a Gh... 107 views
'Twas just this time, last year, I died
— Emily Dickinson
'Twas just this time, last year, I died. I know I heard the Corn, When I was carried by the Farms— It had the Tassels on— I thought how yellow it would... 76 views
16. Of Gluttony and Feasting
— Sebastian Brant
He shows a fool in every wise Who day and night forever hies From feast to feat to fill his paunch And make his figure round and staunch, As though his ... 203 views
A Backward Look
— James Whitcomb Riley
As I sat smoking, alone, yesterday, And lazily leaning back in my chair, Enjoying myself in a general way - Allowing my thoughts a holiday From wearines... 0 views
A Ballad Of Boding.
— Christina Georgina Rossetti
There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams; What seems is not always as it seems. I looked out of my window in the sweet new morning, And there I s... 3 views
A Barren "Idealty."
— George W Doneghy
This song that I sing-- It is not of a spring, Nor yet of a silvery stream-- But of a vision bright Which came last night In the garb of a blissful drea... 0 views
A Birthday
— Alfred Austin
The love within my heart that dwells Knows nought of days or hours; I hear thee in the Christmas bells, I feel thee in the vernal showers; And thy breat... 78 views
A Border Burn
— Alfred Austin
Where Autumn runnels fret and foam Past banks of amber fern, Since track was none I chanced to roam Along a Border burn. The rain was gone, the winds w... 94 views
A Bush Christmas
— Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
The sun burns hotly thro' the gums As down the road old Rogan comes The hatter from the lonely hut Beside the track to Woollybutt. He likes to spend hi... 109 views
A Calendar of Sonnets: October
— Helen Hunt Jackson
The month of carnival of all the year, When Nature lets the wild earth go its way, And spend whole seasons on a single day. The spring-time holds her... 62 views
A Christmas Carol
— Alfred Austin
Hark! In the air, around, above, The Angelic Music soars and swells, And, in the Garden that I love, I hear the sound of Christmas Bells. From hamlet h... 89 views
A Christmas Carol
— Charles Kingsley
It chanced upon the merry merry Christmas eve, I went sighing past the church across the moorland dreary- 'Oh! never sin and want and woe this earth wil... 55 views
A Christmas Carol
— Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
TUNE--'God rest ye, merry gentleman.' GOD rest ye, merry gentlemen; let nothing you dismay, For Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was born on Christmas-day. ... 40 views
A Christmas Carol
— George Wither
So now is come our joyful'st feast, Let every man be jolly. Each room with ivy leaves is drest, And every post with holly. Though some churls at our mir... 72 views
A Corymbus For Autumn
— Francis Thompson
Hearken my chant, 'tis As a Bacchante's, A grape-spurt, a vine-splash, a tossed tress, flown vaunt 'tis! Suffer my singing, Gipsy of Seasons, ere thou g... 130 views
A drinking song
— Eugene Field
Come, brothers, share the fellowship We celebrate to-night; There's grace of song on every lip And every heart is light! But first, before our mentor ... 88 views
A German Christmas Eve (Prose)
— Michael Fairless
A German Christmas Eve It was intensely cold; Father Rhine was frozen over, so he may speak for it; and for days we had lived to the... 0 views
A Goblin Christmas
— Anonymous Americas
The little Man, and tiny Maid, Who love the Fairies in the glade, Who see them in the tangled grass The Gnomes and Brownies, as they pass, Who hear the ... 85 views
A Holiday
— Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The Wife The house is like a garden, The children are the flowers, The gardener should come methinks And walk among his bowers, Oh! lock the door o... 60 views
— Robert Herrick
No news of navies burnt at seas; No noise of late spawn'd tittyries; No closet plot or open vent, That frights men with a Parliament: No new device or l... 79 views
— Robert Herrick
Till I shall come again, let this suffice, I send my salt, my sacrifice To thee, thy lady, younglings, and as far As to thy Genius and thy Lar; To the w... 45 views
A Peal Of Bells
— Christina Georgina Rossetti
Strike the bells wantonly, Tinkle tinkle well; Bring me wine, bring me flowers, Ring the silver bell. All my lamps burn scented oil, Hung on laden orang... 93 views
A Poet's Death is His Life IV
— Khalil Gibran
The dark wings of night enfolded the city upon which Nature had spread a pure white garment of snow; and men deserted the streets for their houses in se... 46 views
A Royal Princess
— Christina Georgina Rossetti
I, a princess, king-descended, decked with jewels, gilded, drest, Would rather be a peasant with her baby at her breast, For all I shine so like the sun... 87 views

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