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The Bitter Herb
Jeanne Robert Foster
O bitter herb, Forgetfulness, I search for you in vain; You are the only growing thing Can take away my pain. When I was young, this bitter he...Rate it:

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The Herb Of Grace
Elsie Cole
Find some freckled fern seed to sprinkle in your shoes And you may step invisible down the peopled street, Or curve about the apple boughs like swa...Rate it:

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The Canadian Country Doctor
William Henry Drummond
I s'pose mos'ev'ry body t'ink hees job's about de hardes' From de boss man on de Guvernement to poor man on de town From de curé to de lawyer, an' ...Rate it:

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The Dormouse and the Doctor
Alan Alexander Milne
There once was a Dormouse who lived in a bed Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red), And all the day long he'd a wonderful view Of geraniums (re...Rate it:

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Doctor Rabelais
Eugene Field
Once -- it was many years ago. In early wedded life, Ere yet my loved one had become A very knowing wife, She came to me and said: 'My dear, I thin...Rate it:

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The Little Fat Doctor
James Whitcomb Riley
He seemed so strange to me, every way-- In manner, and form, and size, From the boy I knew but yesterday,-- I could hardly believe my eyes! To hea...Rate it:

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The Old Village Doctor
Henry Clay Work
In the village where he married, Doctor Eldebury tarried; And for fourty years our people knew him well. How he listered us and bled us, How with c...Rate it:

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Dear Doctor, I have Read your Play
George Gordon Lord Byron
Dear Doctor, I have read your play, Which is a good one in its way, Purges the eyes, and moves the bowels, And drenches handkerchiefs lik...Rate it:

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Doctor Meyers
Edgar Lee Masters
No other man, unless it was Doc Hill, Did more for people in this town than l. And all the weak, the halt, the improvident And those who could not ...Rate it:

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Old Snake-Doctor
Madison Julius Cawein
Once I found an ant-lion's hole And an ant-lion in it: nippers Like a pair of rusty clippers. And I saw a red ant roll In its pit, and, quick as Ne...Rate it:

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The Incomparable Soporific Doctor
James Thomson
Sweet, sleeky Doctor! dear pacific soul! Lay at the beef, and suck the vital bowl! Still let the involving smoke around thee fly, And broad-looked...Rate it:

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To His Worthy Friend Doctor Witty Upon His Translation Of The Popular Errors
Andrew Marvell
Sit further, and make room for thine own fame, Where just desert enrolles thy honour'd Name The good Interpreter. Some in this task Take of the Cyp...Rate it:

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A Letter To Doctor Ingelo, then With My Lord Whitlock, Ambassador From The Protector To The Queen Of Sweden
Andrew Marvell
Quid facis Arctoi charissime transfuga coeli, Ingele, proh sero cognite, rapte cito? Num satis Hybernum defendis pellibus Astrum, Qui modo tam moll...Rate it:

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An Epitaph on Doctor Donne, Dean of St. Paul's
Richard Corbet
He that would write an epitaph for thee, And do it well, must first begin to be Such as thou wert; for none can truly know Thy worth, thy life, ...Rate it:

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Doctor B. Of Tears
Sir Henry Wotton
Who would have thought, there could have bin Such joy in tears, wept for our sin? Mine eyes have seen, my heart hath prov'd The most and best of ea...Rate it:

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Doctor of Billiards
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Of all among the fallen from on high, We count you last and leave you to regain Your born dominion of a life made vain By three spheres of insid...Rate it:

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King Candaules And The Doctor Of Laws
La Fontaine
IN life oft ills from self-imprudence spring; As proof, Candaules' story we will bring; In folly's scenes the king was truly great: His vassal, Gyg...Rate it:

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On Doctor Gardener
James McIntyre
Gardner told a sad tale of woe, How he was oft o'erwhelmed in snow But was he frightened ? no ! no ! ! no ! ! ! He onward cheerfully did go, And ...Rate it:

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The Complaint Of The Goddess Of The Glaciers To Doctor Darwin
Helen Maria Williams
WHILE o'er the Alpine cliffs I musing stray'd, And gaz'd on nature, in her charms severe, The last soft beam of parting day display'd The Glacier-G...Rate it:

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To Doctor Lang
Charles Harpur
Little, perhaps, thou valuest verse of mine— Little hast read of what my hand has wrought, Yet I with thy brave memory would entwine ...Rate it:

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Upon the death of my ever desired friend Doctor Donne Dean of Pauls
Henry King
To have liv'd eminent in a degreee Beyond our lofty'st flights, that is like thee; Or t'have had too much merit is not safe; For such excesses f...Rate it:

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The Grand Consulation
George Canning
"Ambubaiarum Collegia Pharmacopeiæ." --Horace. If the health and the strength, and the pure vital breath Of old England, at last must be doctor'...Rate it:

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The Lamentable Ballad Of The Foundling Of Shoreditch
William Makepeace Thackeray
Come all ye Christian people, and listen to my tail, It is all about a doctor was travelling by the rail, By the Heastern Counties' Railway (vich t...Rate it:

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Ben Allah Achmet, or, the Fatal Tum
William Schwenck Gilbert
I once did know a Turkish man Whom I upon a two-pair-back met, His name it was EFFENDI KHAN BACKSHEESH PASHA BEN ALLAH ACHMET. A DOCTOR BROWN I al...Rate it:

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Horace, Epist. I, VII Imitation Of Horace To Lord Oxford
Jonathan Swift
Harley, the nation's great support, Returning home one day from court, His mind with public cares possest, All Europe's business in his breast, Obs...Rate it:

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